ASAP on AbbreviationFinder.org means “as soon as possible” and is an acronym for English “ ASoon APossible”. The acronym ASAP is generally used in corporate communications and is used in order to request the sender a prompt response as soon as possible. ASAP serves to emphasize the need for a more expedited solution or information than usual, although it does not indicate that it is expressly urgent.

ASAP is a way to push for a replica and leave it in writing for future follow-ups in the project, such as, “Check if the numbers are correct ASAP, thanks.”

ASAP methodology

The ASAP methodology, acronym for the Accelerated SAP methodology, is a tool to assist in the execution of software solutions projects. It is a methodology used in software engineering, developed by SAP AG. The ASAP methodology has 5 phases:

  1. Project preparation: strategies, risks, equipment, and the study of preparatory variables are defined.
  2. Blueprint: business requirements and systemic processes are established.
  3. Realization: the phases are analyzed and transferred to the SAP environment through the development of programs, tests and process configuration.
  4. Final preparation: the last adjustments are made before implementation.
  5. Go live and support: the Accelerated SAP project is implemented .

ASAP in Hip-Hop

The use of the term ASAP by New York rapper Rakim Mayers for his stage name ASAP Rocky, is a common satire of the Hip-Hop musical style, where the meaning of terms widely used in today’s society as a social criticism is changed. In this way, ASAP Rocky modifies the corporate acronym “as soon as possible” by “A lways S trive A nd P rosper” which in Spanish means “Always fight and prosper”.

Respect is a positive feeling that refers to the act of respecting; It is equivalent to having veneration, appreciation and recognition for a person or thing. As such, the word comes from the Latin respectus, which translates ‘attention’, ‘consideration’, and originally meant ‘look again’, hence something that deserves a second look is something worthy of respect.

The respect is one of the moral values most important to humans because it is essential to achieve a harmonious social interaction. One of the most important premises about respect is that in order to be respected it is necessary to know or learn to respect, to understand the other, to value their interests and needs. In this sense, respect must be mutual, and born of a feeling of reciprocity. Now, respect must also be learned. Respecting does not mean agreeing in all areas with another person, but it is about not discriminating or offending that person because of their way of life and their decisions, as long as those decisions do not cause any harm, nor affect or disrespect others.

In this sense, respect is also to be tolerant with those who do not think like you, with whom they do not share your same tastes or interests, with whom they are different or have decided to differentiate themselves. The respect for diversity of ideas, opinions and ways of being is a supreme value in modern societies that aspire to be fair and to ensure a healthy coexistence. Many religions, in fact, address the issue of respect for others, because it is one of the essential rules for a healthy relationship with others.

Expressions with respect

Respect is a word whose meaning may vary with respect to the context in which it is found. Respect can manifest itself as a feeling of obedience and compliance with certain norms: respect for the law, for example. Having respect for someone or something superior, meanwhile, refers to an attitude that can be expressed as submission, fear, suspicion or prudence.

To speak about a subject with respect, such as, for example, the different religions, beliefs and behaviors of the human being, is to speak in a sensitive, weighted and reflexive manner, without incurring disqualifications or contempt. Likewise, the expression “with all my respect” indicates that what is going to be said next is a criticism but constructive and with respect towards the other person.

Respect can also be a way of showing veneration or worship, of worshiping or paying homage to someone, as indicated by the expression “pay my respects .” In this case, when we use the word “respects” in the plural, it is to mean courtesy greetings. “Disrespecting”, finally, is not keeping a person’s consideration or due respect, especially when telling him something inappropriate.

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