Alcoholism Meanings

Alcoholism is a chronic and generally progressive disease caused by repeated and excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. The term alcohol is of Arabic origin conformed by 2 words: the one that means the and kohol that expresses “subtle”. At first, the term was used to indicate the antimony powder that women used in the eyes, later, the word alcohol was used to […]

Action Meanings

As an action we designate, in general terms, the performance of an act or fact, or the effect produced by a particular event in question. The word, as such, comes from the Latin actio, actiōnis. Action is also the possibility of acting in certain areas. For example: “The university council has the capacity to act in cases of administrative corruption.” In […]

Abuses of Power Meanings

Abuse of power is to take advantage of the authority you have to extort another person or entity in order to fulfill your own interests. The abuse is an act of violation of trust and power is usually associated with authority, although it is not exclusive. Power is an advantage that is held over another person. For example: the power of the closeness of […]

Abstract Meanings

Abstract is everything that results from an abstraction of a detachment or isolation. It is what exists only in idea, in concept, in the mind. Abstract has as an undetermined, indefinite, theoretical, ideal, vague and imprecise synonym. In philosophy, abstract is any representation that does not correspond to any sensory data or concept. It is what is difficult to understand. In figurative […]

Abstinence Meanings

Abstinence is the deprivation, denial or renunciation of something, usually pleasurable or desired, or withdrawal of the freedom to do something in the direction of a goal. Withdrawal can be voluntary, for religious or moral reasons, or forced or forced. An example of abstinence or continence is the abstinence of a food for a religious reason, such as abstinence from […]

Abstemious Meanings

An abstemious person is a person who does not drink drinks that contain alcohol, such as wines, spirits, spirits, etc. Etymologically, the word comes from the Latin abstemius, which is composed of the exclusive prefix abs- , and the temetum voice, which designates alcoholic beverages, especially those derived from wine. The reasons why a person, voluntarily or not, becomes abstemious are varied. The most […]