What are Rainbow Colors

Rainbow Colors Meanings

What are Rainbow Colors? The colors of the rainbow are seven: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet , presenting three primary, two secondary and two tertiary colors. A rainbow is a multi-colored arc caused by an optical phenomenon that, through the refraction of sunlight on water droplets suspended in the air, forms a spectrum with different colors. This […]

What are warm and cold colors

Warm and Cold Colors Meanings

What are warm and cold colors? Warm and cold colors are those that convey a sensation of heat or cold. The warm colors associated with fire are yellow, orange and red and the cold colors related to water and cold are blue, green and violet. The German psychologist Wilhelm Wundt (1832-1920) determined the “Color Temperature”, according to […]

What is Color

Color Meanings

What is Color? Color is the visual perception of the light reflection that illuminates the surfaces and bounces off the cone cells of our retina. There are many meanings for color depending on the logical structure of each color theory. For a basic knowledge, color theory can be divided into the following groups of definitions: The color wheel The […]

What is Colloquium

Colloquium Meanings

What is Colloquium? Colloquium is a conversation between two or more people, generally preceded by a formal presentation on the topic to be discussed. The word colloquy derives from the Latin colloquium, which indicates conversation. A colloquium is framed within a conference given to an audience by one or more exhibitors on the subject to be learned. In […]