What is fossil fuel

Fossil Fuel Meanings

What is fossil fuel? Fossil fuel is a non-renewable energy resource that is generated from the decomposition of organic matter from animal and plant remains. When combined with oxygen, organic matter produces energy. Oil, coal, and natural gas are fossil fuels, as well as their derivatives. In order for fossil fuel to form, it was necessary for […]

What is Fuel

Fuel Meanings

What is Fuel? Fuel is called all kinds of materials and substances that, after a combustion process, are capable of releasing potential energy that is transformed into usable energy of various types, such as thermal or mechanical energy. From there it follows that the energy produced has different functions in everyday life, such as heating, […]

What is Coltan

Coltan Meanings

What is Coltan? The mineral composed of columbite and tantalite is known as coltan , in fact its name derives from the abbreviation of these two minerals. Therefore, it is not a scientific name for a certain element, but for an undefined combination of minerals. That is, sometimes there is a higher percentage of one mineral than the other. […]

What are Primary and Secondary Colors

Primary and Secondary Colors Meanings

What are Primary and Secondary Colors? The primary colors are pure and main colors of the color wheel, being red, blue and yellow. They are colors that exist without the combination of others, while the secondary colors are formed by other colors , specifically from the combination of two primary colors, for example: green (red and blue). Colors are visual […]