Abstemious Meanings

An abstemious person is a person who does not drink drinks that contain alcohol, such as wines, spirits, spirits, etc.

Etymologically, the word comes from the Latin abstemius, which is composed of the exclusive prefix abs- , and the temetum voice, which designates alcoholic beverages, especially those derived from wine.

The reasons why a person, voluntarily or not, becomes abstemious are varied. The most common is to avoid becoming addicted to alcohol, that is, alcoholism, since it is known that it attracts multiple problems for the life of a person and their environment.

Other reasons may be related to religion in the sense that the consumption of alcoholic beverages is a sin or is considered harmful to the spirit. Others may have to do with medicine, which outlaws alcohol because it is harmful to health when it is drunk in excess. Also, there are those who become abstemious simply because alcohol dislikes them.

Being abstemious implies a great personal determination and an enormous will, because alcohol, in our society, is a very common drug, accepted and promoted. In this sense, abstemious people usually find great social pressure in their environment.

In this way, being abstemious is particularly difficult, and a great challenge for those who have had problems with alcohol that, directly or indirectly, have affected their lives and their family, personal and work circles.

For this reason, there are different associations that offer help and guidance to people who want to go into an abstinence regime with regard to alcohol and commit to staying sober, without drinking a drop of alcohol, such as Alcoholics Anonymous.

Synonym of abstemious is sober, while antonyms are drunk, drinker or alcoholic.

In English, abstemious translates as teetotal or abstemious. For example: “My dad is teetotal” (my father is abstemious).