Abstract Meanings

Abstract is everything that results from an abstraction of a detachment or isolation. It is what exists only in idea, in concept, in the mind.

Abstract has as an undetermined, indefinite, theoretical, ideal, vague and imprecise synonym.

In philosophy, abstract is any representation that does not correspond to any sensory data or concept. It is what is difficult to understand.

In figurative sense abstract means distracted, bemused. In colloquial sense, it means something vague, imprecise. The expression “is purely abstraction” is normally used to define something that has limited importance.

In grammar, abstract nouns are those that designate actions, qualities or states, and that have no physical existence of their own, only exist in the conception of the mind. Examples: goodness, beauty, justice, love, anger, etc.

An abstract object is an object that has no matter, but on which actions can be defined.

An abstract game is all that game in which there is no associated theme or setting. The game elements, such as chips, dice, board, etc., do not represent the behavior and characteristics of real or imaginary beings or objects. Games that have a theme or environment are thematic games.

In mathematics, abstract algebra studies algebraic structures such as group, ring, body or vector space. Elements combined by various operations are generally not interpretable as numbers. It is different from elementary algebra and from algebra that studies real numbers and complex numbers.

Abstract thinking

Abstract thinking is one of the capabilities that is considered exclusively human. It is the ability to generate a thought that is not in full view but is reached through 3 elements: concept, judgment and reasoning itself.

One of the characteristics of abstract thinking is the ability to isolate details. The more concepts or details you can isolate from the general concept and the deeper you go to every detail, the more thought will be and the result of the reasoning.

Abstract art

The abstract art is a manifestation that represents the forms and contents, unrelated to any figurative representation and transcends outward appearances of reality, referring to the essentials of art, reduced to its chromatic, formal and structural aspects. Abstract art is born from avant-garde movements such as Fauvism and Expressionism.

Abstract expressionism is an artistic movement of the 1940s also called the New York School. It is characterized by its energy techniques that could become more important than painting.

The abstract expressionism is divided into two main currents: the Action Painting where the painting is thrown directly into the fabric and the meditative or mystical current that privileged the sensory and tactile effects.