Adductor Meanings

Adductor is a term that comes from the Latin word adductor. According to the first meaning of the dictionary, it is an adjective that qualifies what can make an adduction.

Adduction we have to expose that it is a word that has its etymological origin in Latin. It is derived, specifically, from “adductio” and can be translated as “presenting evidence” or the “action taken to drive”. In the same way, we can emphasize that this is the result of the sum of three very different parts:
-The prefix “ad-“, which means “towards”.
-The verb “ducere”, which is synonymous with “guide” or “lead”.
-The suffix “-cion”, which is used to indicate what the action and effect is.

This action, on the other hand, alludes to the movement that involves bringing one limb or another part of the body towards the imaginary line that divides the body into two symmetrical halves. By extension, it called adductors to those muscles that have the most important role the development of the adduction.

In the thigh, it is possible to find the major adductor muscle that is responsible for flexion, rotation, and adduction of the femur and stabilization of the spine and pelvis. The median adductor muscle, also located in the thigh, contributes to the development of flexion and rotation movements.

The little finger and thumb have their own adductor muscles. Both allow adduction of the finger with respect to the axis of body symmetry.

Exercises to strengthen the adductors are very popular. There are even machines that help the person to specifically work these muscles to promote their development.

When an individual manages to strengthen their adductors, they become more efficient at running, cycling, swimming, and other physical activities that require lateral movements, such as playing tennis.

A typical exercise to strengthen the adductors consists of lying on your side, supporting yourself on one elbow and hip, bending one knee and stretching the other leg, which must be raised and lowered.

Those who exercise regularly or athletes often suffer what is known as inflammation of the adductor muscles. This is manifested through symptoms such as pain in the pubic bone or in the surroundings of the groin.

Applying heat to the affected area and staying at rest are two of the main measures that are recommended to be carried out in order to treat the aforementioned situation. However, the most important thing is to prevent it and that involves carrying out a series of exercises before practicing the sport, that is, undertaking the warm-up.

Sometimes, instead of inflammation, the athlete in question suffers a rupture of the adductor, which is a very common complaint in soccer. To treat it will require rest, apply cold to the area, carry out a bandage and have the leg up.