Advent Meanings

The first step we are going to take is to determine the etymological origin of the term advent. In this case, we could expose that it comes from Latin, as demonstrated by the fact that it is made up of the following parts:
• The prefix “ad-“, which is equivalent to “towards”.
• The verb “venire”, which can be translated as “to come”.
• The suffix “-miento”, which is used to express the end of a specific action.

Advent is a term linked to the verb advenir, from the Latin advenīre, which refers to the action of arriving, happening, coming or coming. The advent, therefore, is the coming or arrival of something or someone, especially if said arrival is expected and solemn.

For example: “The faithful have long awaited the advent of the Messiah, ” “An American pastor announced the advent of Christ by the end of the month, ” “The advent of the Hollywood star to the country gathered thousands of people at the airport. “.

On the other hand, we should highlight the existence of a book entitled “Advent of neoliberalism and possible structural changes in Labor Law.” Héctor Hugo Bargaleta is the author of that one, who comes to review the concept of neoliberalism as well as its current presence in society.

The notion of advent can be used to name the ascent of a sovereign to the throne or of a Supreme Pontiff: “The people dressed for the advent of Philip XII”, “There was, at that time, no more solemn event than the advent of a monarch ”.

Advent, however, usually refers to God’s return to planet Earth. Therefore, there is talk of the Second Coming. In the case of Christianity, the advent is associated with the return of Jesus Christ to the world for the salvation of humanity.

Christian tradition holds that Christ died on the cross, rose again, and ascended into heaven. His return is now awaited to judge people and establish the Kingdom of God on Earth. However, it is not known when this advent will take place.

Within the religious sphere, we should also highlight the existence of what is known as the Seventh-day Advent Church “The Three Angels.” This is a religious organization, based in Dallas (Texas – United States), that preaches the word of God and that specifically bets on the second coming of Christ.

The Islam and Hinduism are other religions that rely on an advent arrives to save the world. The faith makes religious expect such an event in a special way, trying to be prepared for the day of the trial.

In the same way, it should not be overlooked that the word advent in the past was used to refer to a specific event. In other words, it was used to refer to an event of relevance and importance that was taking place.

Likewise, there is also an expression that resorts to the use of the term that concerns us: “waiting for the holy advent.” This colloquial verbal phrase is used to record that an event of great importance and significance is waiting to happen and that it is taking a long time to take place.