Adversity Meanings

The first thing we are going to do, before establishing the meaning of the term adversity, is to record its etymological origin. In this sense, we would have to say that it comes from Latin, specifically from the word “adversitas”, which is made up of the following parts:
• The prefix “ad-“, which means “towards”.
• The word “versus”, which can be translated as “turned around”.
• The suffix “-dad”, which is used to indicate “quality”.

Adversity is the quality of adverse. This term (adverse) refers to something or someone that is unfavorable, contrary or enemy. Adversity, therefore, is an adverse or difficult situation to cope with.

For example: “We must fight against every adversity that destiny interposes on us if we want to fulfill our dreams”, “The writer could not bear adversity and committed suicide with an accurate shot to the heart”, “This man is an example of overcoming who overcame adversity with effort and optimism. ”

There are several ways to understand the notion of adversity. It can be considered a misfortune or an unfortunate situation. Whenever there is an adversity, it requires mettle and strength to overcome it.

It should be noted that the term in question becomes a fundamental part of the liturgy of celebration of any marriage through religious channels, specifically within Catholicism. Thus, within the consent phase, it is established that the spouses must establish their agreement to become husband and wife.

Specifically, those who, once united by the hand, are required to repeat some phrases among which is one that says like this: “and I promise to be faithful in prosperity and adversity, in health and in disease, and thus love and respect you every day of my life ”.

A person who suffers the fire of his house and who loses all his material goods must face this adversity. To get ahead, you must get through the bad time, let go of the regrets, and focus on rebuilding your life. In a while, when you are installed in a new house and, little by little, you are gathering new belongings, it can be said that you have overcome adversity.

Another case of adversity can occur in a soccer player who suffers a serious injury, such as a torn cruciate ligament. This athlete will have to undergo surgery first and then must undergo physical therapy to regain his athletic condition. Several months later he will be able to return to training normally and rejoin his team, which will have left behind the adversity of the injury.

In addition to all the above, we would have to point out the existence of a film that is precisely entitled “Adversity”. It is a Spanish production of the year 1944, directed by Miguel Iglesias and starring actors such as Leonor Fábregas, Emilia Baró, Gema Lombart or José María Lado.

That one tells the story of a woman who is married and very unhappy in her marriage. It is also in the crosshairs of a landowner.