AdWords Meanings

AdWords is a system developed by the American company Google, which consists of giving companies the possibility of including their ads in the results of searches carried out by people on the Internet.

This is dynamic advertising: when a user searches for some type of information on Google, in addition to receiving the results corresponding to their research, they find advertisements related to the data they searched for. These advertisements are managed through AdWords, which is the most important source of income for Google.

Suppose an automaker wants to spread a new model over the Internet. For this program enters AdWords from Google, paying a certain amount of money every time someone click on your ad. Thus, if a young person searches Google for the phrase “new cars 0 km”, the search engine will display the ad managed through AdWords, since it considers that the user may be interested in said advertising.

Ads AdWords are also displayed on websites entering the platform AdSense from Google. Just as the company receives money from companies that advertise through AdWords, it rewards publishers who enter AdSense.

In this sense, we can highlight that people who have their own blog and who intend to earn money with it take Adwords into account. What they do is nothing else than subscribing to the Google Adsense service. In this way, it selects ads to appear in the different publications they make.

From that advertising, from the clicks and impressions and even from the purchases made through it, that person generates money that they can then withdraw and add to their bank account.

In the form of advertising banners, video, image or simply text, the aforementioned ads can be presented, which can be found both at the beginning and at the bottom of the page.

It is important to mention that the price to advertise through AdWords varies according to various calculations. Google judges the quality and relevance of the ad and conducts auctions to determine what advertising to display. In this way, an advertiser can pay from a few cents for each click that their advertising receives to more than a dozen dollars.

More and more companies or freelancers decide to advertise their products or services on the Net through AdWords. They choose it as a tool because they consider that it brings with it a series of advantages over other options:
-It allows to achieve a significant volume of traffic to the web.
-It gives the possibility to segment advertising very well.
-It is the best way so that, before any search that a person carries out with Google, the company or business appears in the first positions, which are the ones that the Internet user actually consults.
-Allows to obtain results in a short period of time.
-The person who decides to use this system has absolute control and maximum information about her campaign.