Aerial Meanings

Aerial is an adjective that has its origin in the Latin word aereus and that makes reference to that which belongs to or is related to air. By extension, the term is used to name what is linked to aviation.

The air transport is the controlled movement through the air, vehicles driven by their own motors or ability to plan. These aircraft allow passengers or loads to be transferred from one place to another, generally many kilometers away.

Among the advantages of air transport, speed and safety stand out (despite the fear generated by many the mere idea of ​​flying), while its disadvantages are high costs and cargo limitations.

An airline (or airline) is an organization dedicated to the transportation of passengers or cargo. Companies that do special flights and don’t fly regularly are known as charter.

The air force is the armed service of a country, which conducts war in the air. This force is made up of planes, airports and qualified personnel.

The airlift, on the other hand, is the continuous communication between two geographical points by means of airplanes, in such a way that the movement of people or goods between both destinations is facilitated.

The airmail, finally, is the postal service developed by aircraft. It tends to be faster than traditional mail, and also more expensive. In some cases, airmail is the only option to deliver letters or packages.

Air sports

The sports air (also called aeronautical) are intended for people with great physical ability, with certain specific skills and a great sense of competitiveness and a constant search for self – improvement. Furthermore, due to the risks involved in the various disciplines, it is essential to respect the rules established for each of them.

Since most of these demands be suspended in the air, these sports offer a unique experience while working with the development physical and mental.


It consists of flying in so-called hot air balloons, whose bag is made of non-porous and flexible materials, such as silk or rubber, and must be waterproofed. There are two basic modalities: airships, which allow balloons to be driven as if they were aircraft; the captive balloons, which remain tethered to the ground at all times, and simply allow movements of ascent and descent.


Fundamentally, this sport consists of dropping from a certain height using a parachute to regulate the descent. The same can be done starting from a helicopter, hot air balloon or airplane, and can have recreational or transport purposes (as occurs in military and fire personnel contexts). Within skydiving various modalities are recognized, such as:

* sky surf, which requires the holding of a surfboard to the feet for stunts throughout the free fall;

* speed riding, which borrows ski techniques to give the feeling of skiing in the air;

* precision, with the aim of landing on or near a certain target;

* training, which is carried out in groups of four people who must perform certain figures while falling;

* Base jump, which is practiced from medium height constructions, such as antennas, buildings, rocks or bridges.


It is a highly technical sport, but at the same time, social. To practice it, it is essential to soak up a large number of scientific concepts, since its fans seek to get involved in the design, construction and control of aircraft, which are usually replicas of existing models.