Air-ground Meanings

Air-ground is an adjective that is used in the military sphere to qualify operations that are carried out with the combined use of land and air forces. The units made up of these two forces are also called air-ground.

The United States Marine Corps, belonging to the armed forces of the country, usually organized in Task Forces Air Ground. This type of organization is made up of ground units and air units led by the same commander, who is assigned a particular mission.

This Air-Ground Task Force is made up of a Command Element (in charge of its direction), an Air Combat Element (made up of airplanes, helicopters and the personnel who drive and maintain them), a Terrestrial Element Combat (which includes artillery, tanks, and infantry units) and a Combat Logistics Element (medical, transportation, communications units, etc.).

The notion of air-ground also appears in the context of biology and botany. Air-ground plants, in this framework, are those that can be attached to the stem of other plants or to another support. In this way, while they have their roots sunk in the ground, they also grow at an aerial level.

It’s called air – ground environment, finally, to that which houses animals able to develop both at the surface and in the air. Environments that make up the habitat of animals such as hawks or eagles can be referred to as air-ground environments.

It must be established with respect to the latter, that air-ground environments can be divided or classified into three different groups if the different physical conditions that occur in them are taken as a criterion:
-The jungle areas, where there are trees that they can exceed 50 meters in height, extensive foliage, wet soil and a great diversity of animals.
-Polar zones, which have particularities such as being the scene of the usual snow storms and where the most common temperatures are below zero. Regarding animals, it can be highlighted that some mammals have the particularity of having certain systems in their body that prevent their blood from freezing, that is, that their blood flow is correct.
-Arid zones. These are identified because they have high temperatures during the day and cool at night, rainfall is very low and there is little water in what is the soil. All this without forgetting either that there are animal species that protect themselves from the sun in burrows underground and that others, such as reptiles, have covers that allow them to conserve as much water as possible.

As a general rule, air-ground animals are vertebrates, they can feed on both meat and plant species and can fly, jump or glide as well as move around the branches. However, there are also those who have the ability to crawl and then, thanks to that, climb the trees.