Aircraft Meanings

An aircraft is a vehicle that has the ability to move through the air (that is, without being in contact with the surface or water). Within this group, there are two classes of machines that allow air travel: aerodynes (whose weight is greater than that of air and, therefore, have to be sustained by some mechanism) and aerostats (with a lower weight). to the air, they float more easily).

The most common aircraft today are aerodynamic vehicles. In this set we can find planes and helicopters. Because they are heavier than air, these aircraft must secure their lift. According to the system they use, it is possible to distinguish between aerodyne type aircraft with fixed wing and aerodyne with rotating wing.

It must be emphasized that there are numerous types of aircraft. To discover them, there is nothing better than knowing the different classifications that are made in this regard:
-Starting from the criteria of what their use is, we find, above all, military and civil aircraft.
– Within the military airplanes, they are, based on their function, from the fighters to the aircraft carriers passing through the bombers or the reconnaissance ones.
-In the field of civilian activities, we can highlight the existence, based on the activities they carry out, of toilets, of passenger transport, of goods…

Aerostats, which lost popularity today, were the first aircraft. Its operation is based on the use of one or more tanks with a gas of lower density than air, which allows the aircraft to rise and float. The blimps and balloons are examples of this type of aircraft.

In the 19th century, the aforementioned aerostats originate, which they managed to design and fly thanks to a fundamental element: they were based on the famous Archimedean principle.

The blimp can be said to have the particularity of being the first controlled aircraft to make a long-duration flight and was used, above all, in the first three decades of the 20th century. However, the origin of this device can be found as early as the second half of the 18th century, which is when Jean Pierre Blanchard designed something similar.

The best-known model of all time is the one called Zeppelin. He was “baptized” in July of the year 1900 and was named after the one who experimented the most with rigid airships. We are referring to Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin.

During World War I they played a fundamental role, since they were used by both sides not only to recognize rival troops but also to proceed to use aerial weapons.

When the aircraft can move outside of Earth’s atmosphere, it is called a spacecraft. These vehicles consist of a rocket (with fuel and engines that allow leave behind the atmosphere of the Earth) and the ship itself (which may be manned or not).

The choice of the type of aircraft depends on the intended trip. To get a panoramic view of a place, you can use a hot air balloon. If a person wishes to travel from one continent to another, he will travel by plane. When a government tries to investigate another planet, it will send a special ship.