Allentown, New Jersey

Allentown, New Jersey

Allentown, New Jersey is a small town located in Monmouth County. It is situated between Freehold and Farmingdale, just off of Route 33. Allentown was originally settled by the Lenni Lenape Native American tribe in the 1600s and was part of Shrewsbury Township until 1857 when it became its own municipality. Check Countryaah to see other cities in New Jersey.

The town has a population of just under 4,000 people as of 2020 and has a total area of 3.2 square miles. Allentown is a quiet, suburban community with a rural feel and rolling hills dotted with historic homes and farms. The majority of the population are white, though there are also African American, Asian American, Hispanic/Latino, and other minority populations represented in Allentown as well.

The main street running through Allentown is Main Street which contains many local businesses including restaurants, shops, banks and other services. There are also two churches located on Main Street; the Presbyterian Church (1817) and the Methodist Church (1860). The town also boasts several parks such as Lehigh Park which offers playgrounds, picnic areas, basketball courts and other amenities for visitors to enjoy.

Allentown has an active community life with numerous events throughout the year such as the annual Fourth of July Parade & Fireworks Spectacular which draws thousands of visitors each year from all over Monmouth County. Other events include an annual Christmas Tree lighting ceremony on Main Street as well as various outdoor concerts throughout the summer months at Lehigh Park.

Allentown is home to several schools including two elementary schools – Allentown Elementary School (K-4) and John F Kennedy Elementary School (5-8). There is also one high school – Allentown High School – which serves students from grades 9-12 from both Allentown Borough and Upper Freehold Township who then feed into Freehold Regional High School District for further studies after graduation.

Allentown also boasts several recreational activities including golf courses at Pine Brook Country Club & Hominy Hill Golf Course as well as sports fields at Centennial Park & Lehigh Park for soccer & baseball games respectively plus tennis courts at Lehigh Park too! For those looking to stay indoors there are bowling alleys at Strike Zone Bowling Alley & Lanes plus movie theaters like Showcase Cinemas Manalapan & AMC Freehold Raceway Mall 15 nearby too! So no matter what your interests may be there’s always something fun to do in Allentown.

History of Allentown, New Jersey

Allentown, New Jersey is a small borough located in Monmouth County, approximately 35 miles south of New York City. It was originally settled by Dutch settlers in the mid-1600s and was named after their leader, William Allen. By the late 1700s, the town had grown to include a number of stores, mills and other businesses.

In 1812, Allentown officially became an incorporated municipality and shortly thereafter it began to experience rapid growth. This growth was due in part to the construction of a railroad line that connected it with Philadelphia and other major cities. The railroad allowed for increased trade and commerce throughout the region, and many new businesses were established as a result.

By the late 1800s, Allentown had become an important industrial center with several factories producing shoes, textiles, furniture and other goods. The population also increased significantly during this period as people moved to Allentown for work opportunities.

The early 1900s saw further development in Allentown with new schools being built as well as several churches being constructed. In addition to this, many roads were paved and electric lines were installed throughout the borough which helped attract more visitors from nearby cities.

In recent years Allentown has become known for its quaint downtown area which features many shops and restaurants as well as a vibrant arts scene with numerous galleries exhibiting local artwork. The borough is also home to several parks which offer recreational activities such as fishing, hiking and biking trails for residents to enjoy year-round.

Allentown is a vibrant community that has been able to maintain its small-town charm while still providing its residents with access to all of the amenities of modern life. From its rich history to its thriving present day culture, Allentown is an ideal place for anyone looking for an enjoyable place to live or visit.

Allentown, New Jersey