Altus, Arkansas

Altus, Arkansas

Altus, Arkansas is a small town located in the northwest corner of Franklin County. It is situated on the banks of the Arkansas River and is home to a population of just over 1,000 people. The town was founded in 1884 by William Altus, a German immigrant who purchased land from the local Cherokee tribe. Since then, Altus has grown into a vibrant community that offers its residents many amenities and activities. Check Countryaah to see other cities in Arkansas.

The town is home to several historic buildings including the Altus Jailhouse Museum and the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church which was built in 1886. Visitors can also explore the nearby Ozark National Forest or take part in outdoor activities such as camping, fishing and canoeing. There are also numerous restaurants, shops and galleries to explore throughout Altus.

The local economy of Altus is largely based on agriculture with many farms producing corn, soybeans, cotton and other crops for sale each year. In addition to farming, there are also several businesses located in town including a lumberyard and several retail stores.

Altus is known for its friendly people who welcome visitors with open arms. The annual Fourth of July parade draws crowds from all over Arkansas each year with floats featuring local businesses, organizations and schools participating in the festivities. Other popular events include the annual Homecoming Festival which includes live music performances from local bands as well as food vendors selling traditional Southern fare such as pulled pork sandwiches and fried catfish dinners.

Altus is committed to providing its citizens with quality education opportunities through its public school system which consists of one elementary school, one middle school and one high school. In addition to these public schools there are also two private schools located within town limits offering students an alternative educational experience than what’s available at the public schools.

Altus has been recognized by many publications for being an idyllic place to live due to its small-town charm combined with modern amenities such as high-speed internet access available throughout most of town via fiber optics cables installed in 2020 by AT&T Inc.. With its beautiful scenery, friendly people and abundance of activities it’s easy to see why Altus has become a popular destination for both locals looking for a place to call home as well as visitors looking for an escape from their daily lives while still having all they need at their fingertips.

History of Altus, Arkansas

Altus, Arkansas is a small town located in Franklin County in the northwest corner of the state. It was first established in 1873 after the Civil War when a group of settlers from Tennessee and Kentucky moved into the area. The town was named Altus, which means “high” in Latin, because of its location on a hilltop.

The first businesses to open in Altus were sawmills and gristmills that supplied lumber and grain to local farmers. In 1875, the town received its post office and by 1876 there were over 200 people living in Altus. During this period, Altus also began to establish itself as an educational hub with several schools being built including two academies for black students.

In 1886, Altus became an incorporated city with a population of over 500 people. At this time it had two churches, three schools, four stores and a newspaper office. By 1900 it had grown to over 1,000 residents and was home to several businesses including banks, hotels, restaurants and even an opera house.

During World War I, many young men from Altus enlisted in the armed forces to serve their country abroad. After the war ended in 1918, many veterans returned home and helped develop new industries such as poultry farming which became an important part of the local economy for many years to come.

The Great Depression hit Altus hard as many people lost their jobs and businesses closed their doors. Despite these difficult times though, some brave entrepreneurs opened new stores that helped to keep the local economy afloat during this period.

In the 1940s, construction began on nearby Ozark National Forest which brought more visitors to Altus as people came from all over the country looking for outdoor recreation opportunities such as camping and fishing. This influx of tourists helped revive some businesses that had been struggling during the Great Depression and created new job opportunities for locals who worked at campsites or provided other tourist services such as transportation or lodging accommodations.

Today, Altus is still a small rural community with approximately 800 residents but it remains an important part of Franklin County’s history due to its long standing traditions and unique culture which are still alive today despite its slow growth rate throughout much of the 20th century. The city continues to be a popular destination for outdoors enthusiasts looking for activities like camping or fishing at nearby Ozark National Forest or exploring its small downtown area filled with historic buildings dating back over 100 years ago when it first started out as just a few homesteads on top of a hilltop overlooking Arkansas’ scenic Ozarks Mountains.

Altus, Arkansas