Ama, Louisiana

Ama, Louisiana

Ama, Louisiana is a small town located in St. Charles Parish, about 25 miles west of New Orleans. It was founded in 1836 by a group of settlers from France and Germany who were looking for a new start. The town was named after the Ama River, which runs through the area and is home to many species of birds and wildlife. Check Countryaah to see other cities in Louisiana.

The town has a population of around 3,000 people and is known for its charming atmosphere, with its historical buildings and quaint shops. The downtown area features several restaurants, bars, and stores that are popular with both locals and visitors alike. Ama is also home to two churches—St. Peter’s Catholic Church and First Baptist Church—as well as a library and post office.

Ama has long been an agricultural community with its main crops being sugarcane, corn, soybeans, cotton, rice, wheat, hay, and other vegetables grown on local farms. In recent years however the town has seen an increase in tourism due to its close proximity to New Orleans as well as its unique cultural attractions such as the annual Mardi Gras parade held every February since 1891 or the yearly Crawfish Festival held every April since 1969.

The town’s economy is largely based on small businesses such as retail stores or restaurants along with some larger employers such as oil refineries or chemical plants that are located nearby in St Charles Parish. Additionally there are several manufacturing plants that produce products ranging from paper products to plastics which provide jobs in Ama itself or nearby towns like Luling or Destrehan.

Residents of Ama enjoy an array of recreational activities including fishing at Lake Pontchartrain or boating on Bayou Lafourche; hunting for ducks in nearby marshes; playing golf at one of three local courses; bicycling along the Tammany Trace Trail; or taking part in any number of festivals that take place throughout the year such as the Catfish Festival held every June since 1979 or the Pecan Festival held every November since 1988.

All these attractions combined make Ama an ideal destination for anyone looking for small-town charm combined with big city amenities just minutes away.

History of Ama, Louisiana

Ama, Louisiana is a small town located in St. Charles Parish, about 25 miles west of New Orleans. The first settlers to the area were Native Americans who had occupied the land for centuries. In 1763, France ceded control of Louisiana to Spain and the Spanish government began granting land to settlers in what is now Ama.

In 1803, the United States acquired Louisiana from France as part of the Louisiana Purchase and development began to take place in what would become Ama. The town was officially founded in 1820 and named after an early settler’s daughter, Amalie. By 1830, there were over 500 residents living in Ama and by 1860 it had grown to over 1,000 people.

During the Civil War, Ama was a Confederate stronghold as Union troops attempted to take control of the area but were eventually pushed back by Confederates forces stationed in nearby Bayou Des Allemands. After Reconstruction ended in 1877, many African Americans moved into Ama seeking employment opportunities and better lives for themselves and their families.

The 20th century saw continued growth for the town as more businesses moved into the area due to its proximity to New Orleans and other cities along Lake Pontchartrain such as Slidell and Metairie. By 2000, there were nearly 4,000 people living in Ama with many working at local businesses such as oil refineries or chemical plants that had been established near the town during this period.

Today, Ama is still a small town but has seen recent growth due to its close proximity to New Orleans. It is home to several restaurants and shops that cater to both locals and tourists alike who visit this historic community on their way into or out of New Orleans each year.

Ama, Louisiana