Ankle Boots

Ankle Boots Meanings

Have you ever wondered what ankle boots mean? You should, because the translation of the name tells you the most important property of these shoes. Ankle boots means nothing else than ankle boots.

Aiming high or would you prefer to stay down to earth?

In addition to the height to the ankle and a closed front, ankle boots in various sizes have many other features that do not always apply to every model. While some are flat, others come with heels and plateaus. But here, too, there are various differences. There are ankle boots for women with block heels, wedge heels or stiletto heels. Depending on how high the heel is, ankle boots look very sexy and feminine. Ankle boots with an exciting block heel or wedge heel and platform are also known as high-front pumps.

But flat ankle boots also have their own charm and usually look very classy and tidy. These shoes are perfect for work and occasions where there is a lot of standing. Follow PaulFootwear for Chinese suppliers of boots.

Elegance through dark colors and leather

Most women’s ankle boots are made of smooth leather. However, leading brands also like to use suede and synthetic leather. Particularly courageous women can also choose a model made of lacquer.

In terms of color, black ankle boots are particularly popular. These shoes can be perfectly combined with business outfits and are therefore the undefeated favorites with career women. But also ankle boots in gray and ankle boots in beige are very classy and go well with many looks. These shoes can be worn for occasions such as conferences or receptions. If the ankle boots are flat, you don’t have to worry about being dressed too sexy.

Other popular colors for ankle boots for women are

  • Brown
  • blue
  • Dark blue
  • Red

Leading brands have also recognized that black ankle boots are the perfect business shoes and brought various types onto the market. Popular brands for ankle boots in gray and other colors include:

  • Tamaris
  • s Oliver
  • Buffalo
  • Gabor
company Buffalo Gabor s Oliver
founding year 1979 1949 1969
particularities · New customers receive a voucher when they register for the newsletter· Payment on account possible · Gabor magazine available online· Gabor TV with many videos about the in-house products · Shipping by DHL and Hermes as well as return are possible free of charge· Comparison winner in the area of ​​fashion online shops

A shoe for strong women

Particularly high-quality ankle boots in beige, gray or black and the material leather ensure that this shoe gives every woman self-confidence and strength. These shoes are the counterpart to playful models such as ballerinas or strappy sandals and are symbolic of successful and self-confident women who know what they want.

Ankle boots in black with exciting heels look particularly combative. But even when the ankle boots are flat, they exude a certain strength, determination and also a down-to-earth attitude. The same applies to ankle boots in beige and ankle boots in gray.

The second face of the ankle boots

In addition, there are also different types that are also playful and relaxed. Colorful patterns and colors, rivets, straps, laces, buckles and other features ensure that ankle boots can also be very modern and eye-catching. Some models are even pointed and therefore absolutely trendy. Ankle boots in blue or brown are particularly suitable for everyday use and give the otherwise very strict shoes a certain charm. Flat ankle boots in gray and beige are also quite common every day and suitable for many occasions.

Combine correctly and get great compliments

If you want to combine your classic ankle boots in beige, gray or black, you will never go wrong with elegant business clothes for the office. Trousers as well as pencil skirts or tight dresses go perfectly with these exciting shoes. Your business look is underlined particularly well by smooth leather.

Tip! Make sure that your ankle boots for women by no means look cheap. This can ruin the entire outfit.

The chic models with and without heels can also be worn with jeans. For example, if you combine ankle boots in beige with light jeans and a white blouse and a striking chain, you have a great outfit that is chic, but not overdressed. So you can shine at many different events in spring and summer.

Ankle boots with playful and eye-catching details can be combined less with business costumes and more with all other items of clothing. Especially in autumn they are absolute all-rounders and cut a good figure in all sizes with both trousers and skirts.

Towards the end of autumn you can find gorgeous ankle boots in the sale, which can also be worn in winter in combination with thick socks. If the socks are sticking out of the shoes, that is by no means bad.

Women with courage and great legs can combine their ankle boots with over knee socks and a mini skirt. This look is not only incredibly sexy, but also cozy and warm and eye-catching. For this reason, it should be chosen for dates and leisure activities rather than for the office. The look works not only with high heels, but also when the ankle boots are flat. Just try it!

Size chart ankle boots

Size EU 36 36.5 37 37.5 38 38.5 39 39.5 40 40.5 41 41.5 42
Inch UK 3rd 3.5 4th 4.5 5 5.5 6th 6.5 7th 7.5 8th 8.5 9

Advantages and disadvantages of ankle boots

  • the perfect shoes for your business look and chic occasions
  • can be worn all year round
  • not a shoe for sporty outfits

The price comparison at ankle boots is worthwhile

As already mentioned, ankle boots in gray and other colors look particularly classy if they are of high quality. Of course, that also has its price. As a shoe lover, you are all the more pleased when you find a great sale and cheap deals on the Internet. Anyone who wants to buy ankle boots should therefore always pay attention to whether the desired model is perhaps currently reduced in a certain online shop. In order to order your ankle boots cheaply, a price comparison is always recommended. The costs for shipping should also be kept in mind at all times. If you order the ankle boots on account, you can order several models and send back any that do not fit.

Tip! If you plan to wear your ankle boots in winter, you should choose one size larger so that there is still enough space for thick socks.

Ankle boots are undoubtedly the classic companion for the office and fine occasions. Boldly combined or with great colors and patterns, these shoes can also be suitable for everyday use and unusual. This applies to both high and flat ankle boots.

Ankle Boots