Ankle Boots with Buckles

Ankle Boots with Buckles Meanings

Ankle boots with buckles are a sub-category of short boots that are either closed with a buckle fastener or are decorated with buckles for purely visual reasons. The ankle boots must have a shaft that goes at least to the ankle or slightly beyond. Ankle boots with buckles are offered for women as well as for men and rarely also in shoe fashion for children and are therefore available at least in the usual shoe sizes for adults.

The buckle – clasp and decorative element

A wide variety of closure models can be found in shoe fashion. Many of these closure models are closely linked to certain shoe types or even give their name, such as lace-up shoes or buckled shoes, the so-called escarpins, which were worn with knee breeches by men and women in the 18th century and closed with a buckle on the instep.

The buckle fastener is a practical alternative to complex lacing and often looks more elegant than Velcro fasteners or zippers. However, a combination of buckles and zippers is also popular in order to be able to individually regulate the width of the ankle boot by adjusting the buckle length and to ensure optimal adaptation of the boot to the anatomy of the foot. The shoe itself can be closed with one or more buckles, which are either traditionally attached to the instep, on the side or at the top of the boot shaft. Follow PaulFootwear for Chinese suppliers of men’s boots.

Ankle boots with buckles – leading suppliers and manufacturers

The ankle boots with buckles or decorative buckles have long since made it into the collections of trendy designers and can be found in both haute couture and cheaper everyday fashion in the medium and lower price segment. Designer Christian Loubouiton presents trendy ankle boots with deep necklines in his collections, just like Manolo Blahnik and Marc Jacobs , he recognized the potential of short boots with that special extra.

Tip! In the shoe shops, department stores and online shops you can also find a wide variety of ankle boots with buckle fasteners, which can be worn on festive occasions with a casual dress policy or in leisure time.

The models from the following leading providers are popular :

  • Buffalo
  • Tamaris
  • Steve Madden
  • Goldmund
  • Paul Green
  • Ugg Australia

Ankle boots with buckles – a trend for men and women

Buckle ankle boots are among the hottest styles in both men’s and women’s fashion. While in men’s fashion it is mainly heavy boots , such as worker boots or biker boots, that have thick soles and large buckles and thus make a very austere and masculine impression, the buckles for women can be both small and large and become the ones worn different types of ankle boots. No matter if comfortable slouches , which get a little more shape as a result, chunky boots in Gothic styleor delicate leather ankle boots with additional lacing and light buckles for decoration – there is no limit to the designer’s imagination and so the buckles can be found in ever new interpretations on the hottest types of ankle boots. Buckles are even used on rubber boots and ensure a great look.

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Buckles for the little ones – practical and comfortable

Flat ankle boots with buckle fasteners are also available for children. For the younger ones, this type of fastener is a great alternative to Velcro and looks much higher quality. Furthermore, in contrast to laces, it is easy to open and close, even by inexperienced children’s hands , and is therefore perfect for kindergarten shoes. For the older girls, there are also ankle boots with a slight wedge heel or block heel.

For fashion fans with rock star ambitions – biker boots with buckles

The sub-category biker boots in particular offers fans of buckle fasteners a fantastic selection. The offers range from tough biker booties made of heavy dark leather with thick soles and large buckles to more feminine models with buckles and decorative stitching to extravagant boots with rivets. The buckles are usually in chrome or silver , more rarely in gold or an antique finish, and can be used glossy, matt or embossed with patterns.

The look should radiate nonchalance and can be worn perfectly for a stroll through town or for an autumn walk. Biker boots with buckles can also be used wonderfully for going out. Usually they are provided with a moderate heel, often a wedge or trestle heel, on which it is easy to walk and dance. Thanks to the buckles, the ankle boot encloses the foot perfectly and ensures an optimal fit.

Buy ankle boots with buckles – these tips should be followed when buying

Before buying, you should decide whether you want the buckles as a closure model or whether they can also appear as purely decorative elements , because on some models the buckles cannot be adjusted to regulate the width and are only used for optical purposes. Since sturdy booties with large buckles can be applied quickly and make the entire silhouette appear squat, such a model is more recommended for slim and tall people. People with stronger legs or a stocky build are well advised with ankle boots in the elegant Chelsea boot style or fine lace-up ankle boots with small decorations. For example, the combination of black smooth leather with gold buckles looks very good. The fastening elements should appear delicate and playful and not take up too much space on the boot shaft. Another cheap option is to choose a short boot with a moderate or high heel. If the model is flat, the squat effect is usually intensified unfavorably.

Tip! When buying, you should also make sure that all individual components of the buckles are well made and neither give off color to the shaft material nor take on a different color, for example in strong weather.

Advantages and disadvantages of buckled ankle boots

  • large selection
  • Buckles in different colors and materials
  • different closure models
  • big price differences

Order ankle boots with buckles cheaply in the online shop or in the sale

Regardless of whether you opt for the trendy biker boots or another model with buckles – you can find great offers not only in your trusted shoe store , but also on the Internet. Here you can easily compare the prices of the individual providers and find the best offers. You should also take into account whether you may incur additional costs in addition to the price of the goods. It gets particularly cheap when shipping is free and you fall back on offers that are reduced, for example in the sale. With some suppliers you can order your ankle boots with buckles on account.

Ankle Boots with Buckles