Ankle Boots with Rivets

Ankle Boots with Rivets Meanings

Ankle boots with rivets are a real eye-catcher and are a particularly eye-catching interpretation of the short boot. This consists of an ankle-high or slightly above-ankle-high shaft and a sole with a wide variety of heel types and heel heights. Ankle boots with rivets are available for women as well as for men and even for children, here especially for young girls, and are therefore available in the usual shoe sizes in retail outlets and in the online shop.

The rivet – from connecting element to trend

Originally the rivet appeared exclusively as a connecting element, for example in the stabilization of larger structures such as bridges or in the construction of ships. During the gold rush in America and the rise of jeans, the local trappers and gold miners looked for a more stable alternative to the conventional seams made of thread and used small rivets to close the seams. The rivet found its way into the clothing industry and was initially only used to reinforce heavily used work clothing and work shoes. Their decorative function was only discovered later through the development of various colors, varnishes and patinations and was used by fashion designers to embellish their creations. For a long time rivets were reserved for certain subcultures such as punks and rockers, but they have now made their way into the fashion world and can be found on clothing, handbags and shoes. The rivets themselves consist of different individual parts: The head, which is on the shaft surface of the ankle boot is visible and, depending on the look, is either set with rhinestones, adorned with motifs or can have a special shape, and the pin, which can be pushed through the material from below and fastened with the help of a rotating thread or a plug-in thread. If in the punk and rocker scene attributes such as maladjustment, strength and coolness are emphasized with the rivets, the rivets also give the fashion for everyday use a rebellious or rocky note and therefore go perfectly with the hip rock-chick look. Depending on the model and the desired style, the rivets can be very conspicuous or, for example, in the form of a pyramid, appear inconspicuous and moderate.

There are particularly beautiful models from well-known brands

  • Michael Kors
  • Jeffrey Campbell
  • Even & Odd
  • Harley Davidson
  • Anna Field
  • Buffalo
  • Ugg Australia

Most manufacturers also offer their items cheaply in their own online shop or in an online department store. So you can easily order your favorites. Before buying, you should also look at a price comparison to see what additional costs will be incurred for shipping and whether you can buy the ankle boots with rivets on account. Follow PaulFootwear for Chinese suppliers of Chelsea boots.

Ankle boots with rivets can come in a wide variety of designs. Since the rivets as decorative elements can now be very decorative and elaborate, there are many different shapes and colors. As small stones, strongly protruding killer rivets with pointed ends or as flat, large squares, the rivets decorate both ankle boot straps, buckles, the shaft or the heel of the ankle boot. Large heels, such as block heels, platform heels and block heels, are ideal for this. Also the combination with other jewelry elements such as fringes or cut outs is very popular. The rivets are made of metal and usually have the same color, which usually appears chrome or silver. But there are also rivets with an antique finish in gold or bright colors. Their rocky touch is enhanced by the combination with a dark shaft material in black or brown. The tips of the rivets are usually rounded on ankle boots, but can also taper to a point, especially in alternative trendy fashion.

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For the rock star appearance – ankle boots with rivets for women

The selection of ankle boots for women and young girls is very large and includes a wide variety of styles, colors and shapes.

If you want to buy ankle boots with rivets, you will find that now not only short boots in punk style or rock style are offered, but there are also more subtle and feminine models for everyday life. Biker boots are usually made of coarser materials such as sturdy leather and have a wider cut and a rounded toe cap. Additional decorative elements such as straps and buckles reinforce the rocky look and draw the eye specifically to the rivets. The heel of the biker boots is usually either flat or very moderate.

Western ankle boots are also often decorated with rivets, which are rather flat here and are also used in more unusual nuances such as antique paintwork. The western ankle boots often have a pointed toe cap and a heel of several centimeters. There are also models that follow a high heel in terms of heel height.

Tip! But also for the more sophisticated look, ankle boots with rivets are cheap, for example in the elegant, narrowly cut lace shape with a few, effective applications that give the ankle boots an unexpected touch. If you want to buy the ankle boots with rivets cheaply, you can either choose a model made of synthetic leather or look for particularly cheap boots in the sale. You will also find offers that are often reduced in the online shop and in the sale.

For men with a rebellious streak

There are also different models of ankle boots with rivets for men.

Tip! Heavy worker booties or ankle boots in combat boot look, which look even rockier with rivets, are particularly popular with men in the alternative scenes. But also more elegant types of ankle boots such as the Chelsea Boot give rivets a very special flair, which spices up every outfit and gives the style a rebellious touch.

Pointed rivets are also often used in men’s shoe fashion; the most common colors are chrome and silver. The material of choice is either a thick, coarse leather or more elegant smooth leather, usually in black or brown.

Advantages and disadvantages of the ankle boots with rivets

  • models for women and men
  • available in different versions
  • also combined with other decorative elements
  • not necessarily suitable for festive occasions

Glamrock in perfection – ankle boots with rivets and rhinestones

The ankle boots can have other decorative elements and applications in addition to the rivets. A combination of rivets and rhinestones is particularly popular, lending the rock style of the rivets a glamorous touch and making the short boots look a little more elegant and, above all, more feminine. This combination is mainly found in ankle boots for women, but older girls also enjoy this look.

Both rivets and rhinestones can be freely distributed over the boot shaft or can be arranged in a certain shape, such as a star. Usually the individual applications are attached to different places on the shaft; the rivets on the heel, for example, while the toe cap of the boot is decorated with the rhinestones.

Ankle Boots with Rivets