Arimo, Idaho

Arimo, Idaho

Arimo is a small rural town located in southeastern Idaho, about 8 miles west of Pocatello. With a population of just over 500 people, it is the smallest incorporated town in Bannock County. The area was originally inhabited by the Shoshone and Bannock Native American tribes before being settled by European-American settlers in the late 19th century. Check Countryaah to see other cities in Idaho.

The first settlers to Arimo were primarily farmers and ranchers who were drawn to the area for its rich soil and plentiful water sources. By 1890, Arimo had become an established town with a post office, general store, schoolhouse and several other businesses. As time went on, more businesses began to open up in Arimo and the town began to grow steadily. By 1920, Arimo had a population of over 600 people and had become known as an agricultural hub for the surrounding region.

Today, Arimo is still known as an agricultural center with many local farms growing potatoes, wheat, barley and other crops throughout the year. In addition to farming, there are also several small businesses located in town such as restaurants, shops and service providers that help keep the local economy running strong.

In recent years, Arimo has seen an influx of new residents from larger cities looking for a more laid-back lifestyle away from city life. This has brought new life into the community with many young professionals taking up residence in town while commuting to work in nearby cities such as Pocatello or Idaho Falls each day.

The people of Arimo are proud of their small-town roots and many still honor their traditional culture through various events throughout the year such as parades during Pioneer Days or rodeos during Labor Day weekend celebrations each year. The community also values its natural environment with nearby rivers providing popular spots for fishing or recreation while several hiking trails provide stunning views of nearby mountains or valleys along with opportunities for wildlife viewing or bird watching.

All in all, Arimo is a vibrant small town full of friendly faces eager to welcome newcomers into their community while still honoring their deep-rooted traditions that have been passed down through generations of families living there since its founding days over 125 years.

History of Arimo, Idaho

Arimo, Idaho is a small town located in Bannock County in the southeastern region of the state. It was originally established in 1884 as a homestead by William and Elizabeth Arimo, who had emigrated from Norway. The town was named after them, and it grew quickly as more settlers began to arrive in the area.

The town of Arimo quickly became an important trading center for the surrounding communities. It served as a hub for farmers to sell their produce and livestock, while also providing goods and services to travelers passing through the area. By 1890, it had grown to include two general stores, two blacksmiths, a hotel, several saloons and restaurants, and several other businesses.

In 1898, Arimo was officially incorporated as a village with its own government and police force. That same year saw the construction of its first schoolhouse which would later become part of the Arimo School District. In 1906, electric lights were installed throughout the town making it one of the first towns in Idaho to have electricity available for public use.

By 1910, Arimo had grown to include over 500 residents making it one of the larger towns in Bannock County at that time. However population growth slowed during much of the twentieth century as many young people left for larger cities seeking work or educational opportunities elsewhere.

Today, Arimo has a population of just over 300 people but is still an important part of Bannock County’s economy due to its proximity to Pocatello and Idaho State University. It is also home to several businesses including a grocery store, gas station/convenience store combo, hardware store/lumber yard combo and restaurant/bar combo which all provide services for local residents and visitors alike.

Arimo, Idaho