Arriba, Colorado

Arriba, Colorado

Arriba, Colorado is a small unincorporated community located in Lincoln County, Colorado in the United States. The town has a population of just over 400 people and covers an area of 3.2 square miles. Check Countryaah to see other cities in Colorado.

The history of Arriba dates back to the late 1800s when settlers began to move into the area looking for land and opportunity. The town was officially founded in 1903 by a group of German immigrants who had heard about the potential for farming in the area. The name “Arriba” is Spanish for “up” or “above”, referring to its location on the high plains of eastern Colorado.

In its early days, Arriba was primarily a farming community with many families growing wheat, corn, and other crops on their land. As technology improved during the 20th century, more efficient farming methods were adopted which allowed farmers to produce larger yields with less effort. This led to an increase in population as more people moved into the area looking for work or simply wanting to experience rural life away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Today, Arriba is still a small community that values its rural roots and way of life. Agriculture remains an important part of life here with many local farms still producing wheat and other crops for sale at local markets or for export throughout the region. In addition to agriculture, tourism has become increasingly important as visitors come from all over to enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing and hunting on nearby ranches or exploring historical sites like Fort Lyons National Historic Site just south of town.

Arriba offers visitors plenty of opportunities to get outside and explore nature while also providing them with plenty of amenities such as restaurants, shops, hotels, and other services that make it an ideal place to visit or call home. With its rich history and natural beauty combined with modern conveniences it’s no wonder why so many people have chosen Arriba as their home away from home.

History of Arriba, Colorado

Arriba, Colorado is a small town located in Lincoln County, which was established in 1889. The town was founded in 1881 and was originally known as “Folly Station” due to its location on the Union Pacific Railroad. The town was later renamed Arriba, which means “up high” or “above” in Spanish.

The earliest settlers to the area were farmers and ranchers who were attracted by the abundance of open land and the mild climate. In 1882, a post office was established and the town continued to grow steadily over the next few decades. By 1910 Arriba had reached a population of over 400 people and boasted two general stores, two churches, a bank, a schoolhouse, three saloons and several other businesses.

The early 20th century saw an influx of immigrants from Mexico who came to work in the coal mines around Arriba. This influx of people helped to boost the population of Arriba to over 800 people by 1920. Despite this growth, however, economic conditions deteriorated after World War I when coal prices began to fall due to increased competition from oil-based fuels.

By 1930, many businesses had closed their doors as fewer people moved into Arriba due to its declining economy. Despite this setback, some residents stayed on hoping that better times would return one day. This hope was realized when oil was discovered near Arriba in 1940s which revitalized the local economy and brought new life back into the town.

Today, Arriba is still home to about 400 people who continue to enjoy its rural charm and friendly atmosphere despite its small size. While much has changed since it’s founding days nearly 140 years ago it remains an important part of Lincoln County’s history and culture with many locals proudly claiming their roots here going back generations deep.

Arriba, Colorado