Auburn, Wyoming

Auburn, Wyoming

Auburn, Wyoming is a small town located in southwest Wyoming, near the borders of Idaho and Utah. With a population of just over 300 people, Auburn is one of the smallest towns in Wyoming. Despite its size, Auburn holds a long history that dates back to the 1800s. Check Countryaah to see other cities in Wyoming.

The first settlers to arrive in Auburn were Mormon pioneers who arrived in 1877. The town was founded by two brothers, David and Joseph Eastman. The two brothers chose the name “Auburn” for their new settlement after their hometown of Auburn, New York. At this time, most of the settlers were farmers who grew wheat and oats on the fertile soil surrounding the town.

In 1885, Auburn received its first post office and soon after became an important trading center for local ranchers and farmers. The town also served as a stopover on the Union Pacific Railroad which ran through nearby Star Valley until 1948 when it was replaced by trucking routes.

The early 1900s saw an influx of new residents to Auburn as mining began to take off in nearby communities such as Star Valley and Cokeville. These new miners helped spur economic growth in the area with many businesses opening up to serve them including hotels, saloons, stores and livery stables.

Today, Auburn is still a small rural community with many residents working in agriculture or ranching while others commute to nearby cities such as Afton or Jackson Hole for work opportunities. Despite its small size, there are several attractions that visitors can enjoy including local museums such as the Lincoln County Museum or outdoor activities like fishing at Palisades Reservoir or hiking along scenic trails like Red Canyon National Wildlife Refuge.

Auburn also holds several annual events throughout the year such as rodeos during summer months or Christmas celebrations during winter months which bring out locals from all over southwest Wyoming for fun-filled days filled with music and entertainment.

No matter what brings you to Auburn you’re sure to find something that will keep you coming back for more! From its rich history and culture to its beautiful scenery and warm people – this little Wyoming town has something special that makes it truly unique.

History of Auburn, Wyoming

Auburn, Wyoming is a small town located in the northern part of the state, along the banks of the North Platte River. It is rich in history, having been established in 1867 by a group of settlers who were eager to explore and settle this new frontier. The town was named after Auburn, New York, where some of the settlers had originated.

The first settlers to arrive were mainly ranchers and farmers, eager to take advantage of the rich soil and abundant resources that could be found in this area. As news of their success spread, more people began to move into Auburn and establish businesses such as blacksmith shops and general stores. By 1870, Auburn had grown enough to incorporate as a town with a population of over 400 people.

During its early years, Auburn was primarily an agricultural community relying on wheat farming for its primary source of income. In 1879, a flour mill was built which helped to boost production and increase profits for local farmers. As time went on, other industries began to develop such as coal mining and timber harvesting which further contributed to the local economy.

In 1889, Wyoming became a state and Auburn was designated as one of its first county seats due to its central location within Carbon County. This designation brought many new opportunities for growth with more businesses being established including hotels, saloons and banks. The railroad also made its way through town in 1890 connecting it with larger cities like Cheyenne and Laramie which opened up even more economic possibilities.

By 1900, Auburn’s population had grown significantly reaching 1,000 residents making it one of the largest towns in Carbon County at that time. This growth continued throughout the 20th century with more businesses being built including movie theaters and auto repair shops which further contributed to the local economy’s success. Today there are still many family-owned businesses operating within Auburn that have been around for generations providing jobs for many locals as well as tourists who come from all over Wyoming each year to experience this unique small town atmosphere firsthand.

Auburn, Wyoming