Upstart Meanings

In order to delve into the meaning of the term upstart, we must begin by knowing what its etymological origin is. In this case, it must be emphasized that it derives from Latin, which means “he who is not from this place” and that it is the result of the sum of several components: -The […]


Adult Meanings

According to the dictionary of the Digopaul, adult is an adjective that comes from the Latin word adultus. The concept allows to qualify the one or that which has reached its full development. For example: “When you are an adult, you will make your own decisions: now you are a child and you must obey […]


Flatter Meanings

The Latin term adulāri came to our language as flattering. The concept refers to saying or doing what is thought to satisfy or like another person. For example: “In public, it is always convenient to flatter the boss and not mark his mistakes”, “If you think that, because you are going to flatter me all […]


Flattery Meanings

Flattery, from the Latin adulatĭo, is the action and effect of flattering (doing or saying what is believed to please another). Flattery is usually interested, with the intention of obtaining some kind of benefit or recognition. For example: “Mariano remains firm with flattery so that the boss names him supervisor”, “The prizes are distributed by […]

GRE Meanings

GRE Meanings

Are you planning to take the GRE test soon but worried about the difficulty level of the test? Do you know how difficult it really is? In this article, we will compare the difficulty of the GRE test with other standardized tests. How difficult is the GRE in general? The quickest and easiest way to […]

SAT Meanings

SAT Meanings

If you’re enrolled in one of our SAT exam preparation courses, you know what it takes to get an excellent score on the SAT test. During your preparation period, you will spend a lot of time studying and developing your own strategies for test day. But how can you perfect those techniques? 1. Have a […]

GMAT Meanings

GMAT Meanings

According to AbbreviationFinder, GMAT is the acronym of Graduate Management Admission Test. One of the problems faced by those students who seek to improve their preparation in order to reach new steps in their career, is the need to work alongside these studies. Especially when you aspire to higher and higher levels, this not only […]


Adduction Meanings

Adduction is a term that comes from the Latin word adductĭo. The first meaning mentioned in the dictionary of the Digopaul refers to the act of adducing. This verb, on the other hand, refers to showing evidence or justifications. The concept is also used to name the movement of bringing a limb or other body part […]


Adduce Meanings

The Latin word adducĕre came to Spanish as adduce. Explained by Digopaul, this verb refers to showing or using justifications or evidence about something. For example: “They say that the coach is going to adduce personal reasons to resign from the team”, “The government could argue that the debt is illegitimate for not making the […]


Adductor Meanings

Adductor is a term that comes from the Latin word adductor. According to the first meaning of the dictionary of the Digopaul, it is an adjective that qualifies what can make an adduction. Adduction we have to expose that it is a word that has its etymological origin in Latin. It is derived, specifically, from […]