What is Commerce

Commerce Meanings

What is Commerce? Trade is called any negotiation that involves the purchase, sale or exchange of products, goods or services . It comes from the Latin commercĭum, which means ‘purchase and sale of merchandise’. In this sense, trade can also be called the set of negotiations that are part of this process. Likewise, it can also refer to the store or establishment where […]

What is Commensalism

Commensalism Meanings

What is Commensalism? Commensalism is the biological interaction between two species in which one living being benefits and the other is neither benefited nor harmed. This type of interaction between living things is studied through biology and ecology, in order to understand the various relationships that living things have and how they benefit from each other. The […]

What does MIME mean

MIME Meanings

MIME is the acronym for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions, which refers to an internet standard for the format of e-mail messages. It can be used to include multiple types of content within a single message, based on explanation by ABBREVIATIONFINDER. MIME extends the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) format of emails to insert different types of content, whether […]

What are Centralization

Centralization and Decentralization Meanings

What are Centralization and decentralization? Centralization and decentralization are two terms that refer to two models of administration and control of authority, which are opposed, and which can be applied, one or the other, in an organization, department or political system. Explained on Digo Paul, centralization indicates the action of concentrating authority, that is, decision-making falls on or is centralized […]

What is Comedy

Comedy Meanings

What is Comedy? Comedy is a literary, theatrical, television and cinematographic genre whose plot seeks to make the audience laugh , be it through irony, parodies, confusions, mistakes or sarcasms. The word comedy derives from the Greek kōmōidía , a word composed of kōmōs that indicates a parade and odé that refers to a song or ode. In this sense, the classical comedy […]

What is Combustion

Combustion Meanings

What is Combustion? Combustion means the action and effect of completely burning or burning a certain matter. The word comes from the Latin combustio and combustioni with the same meaning. From a scientific point of view, combustion is described as a rapid oxidation process from which energy is released in the form of heat. This process can generate light (flames) or […]

What is fossil fuel

Fossil Fuel Meanings

What is fossil fuel? Fossil fuel is a non-renewable energy resource that is generated from the decomposition of organic matter from animal and plant remains. When combined with oxygen, organic matter produces energy. Oil, coal, and natural gas are fossil fuels, as well as their derivatives. In order for fossil fuel to form, it was necessary for […]

What is Fuel

Fuel Meanings

What is Fuel? Fuel is called all kinds of materials and substances that, after a combustion process, are capable of releasing potential energy that is transformed into usable energy of various types, such as thermal or mechanical energy. From there it follows that the energy produced has different functions in everyday life, such as heating, […]

What is Coltan

Coltan Meanings

What is Coltan? The mineral composed of columbite and tantalite is known as coltan , in fact its name derives from the abbreviation of these two minerals. Therefore, it is not a scientific name for a certain element, but for an undefined combination of minerals. That is, sometimes there is a higher percentage of one mineral than the other. […]

What are Primary and Secondary Colors

Primary and Secondary Colors Meanings

What are Primary and Secondary Colors? The primary colors are pure and main colors of the color wheel, being red, blue and yellow. They are colors that exist without the combination of others, while the secondary colors are formed by other colors , specifically from the combination of two primary colors, for example: green (red and blue). Colors are visual […]