Boot Louie Is It Worth Buying Check Out the Review!

More a review of boots the national. If you already watched the video giving two shoes of Louie, he saw that it spoke of a boot but not posted anything here. The boot in question is the model Louie Narde, a new contemporary reading of a brogue toe cap. The time has come to talk about it!

Boot Louie Is It Worth Buying Check Out the Review!

Boots men are a perfect option for day-to-day. They are also excellent for those who want a shoes more serious than a tennis shoe but is not prepared to wear shoes. The boots right can be the best partner of the wardrobe of a man. Just shove your foot and get out there.

However, it is not easy to find a good boot. There are many choices of brands in brazil, but how much is really worth each? Normally, the shoes cheaper last less, and the more expensive ones last longer, but how to find out if we are not being deceived?

Thinking about it, I bought a boot of Louie, one of the brands of the shoe the most well-known of the moment. I recorded a video and then I’m going to list some of the main points! I hope to help journey in search of the boots men’s certain!

Watch the video to check it out!

A little about Louie

The Louie is a brand of shoes mainly for men. The proposal is part of the classic products for all occasions.

Once in a while throw shoes with the proposed modernosas but the strong brand is to have the classics that, for incredible that it seems, you cannot find so easily in Brazil. The idea is to offer products that close the account between the visual x quality x price.

As I said in this post to be controversial about the manufacturing process of the Louie, they do not have the factory, but produce their shoes in one of the best in Brazil.

As was to buy a boot Louie online

A purchase was quiet. The product page has many photos and reviews of those who bought. Enjoy also the orientation measurements to choose your size. I followed the guide at the time of purchase this boot and it worked.

The order arrived before the deadline, and the boot came along with the two shoes. The three products came sealed and very well packaged. The boots came with a booklet informative and a bag of flannel that is very good for travel.

Certainly a trusted site.

Boot Louie Male Narde Blue

The boot Louie Narte is a classic model in a color that is a little bit bold. Blue runs off of the common, but not enough to be a choice risky. It is a common color in the male wardrobe, and thus, cannot be a boot discreet even being different. A color is safe for those who have many shoes brown and black and would like something more fun.

The format is cute but after I took the pictures, I found a little elongated. I’m sure that this feeling of the boot length is comes from cutting of the leather. If the curve of the flap through which pass the laces were not stretched to the heel, and the design would look more balanced. It is more or less what I also felt with the boot brogue of Brogan. Look a brogue of Tricker’s to understand the difference on the side and how the design affects the proportions of the boot.

It is not a boot formal. The design is a cap toe with brogue. Cap toe, is that toe cap, and brogue are the perforations along the leather. These two details are random. Another feature that decreases the formality is the sole tratorada. These characteristics has connotation informal because they are historically associated with the work boots.

The rule for the shoes, for a long time, was: when more details, more informal. Today, the design of this boot pulls to one side, “gentleman”, and so she will probably be considered hit ultra-chic by many. I would not use with a formal suit (wool cold), but as my vision is different, you could use and probably all you would find “vintage”. Personally, I think it looks best with pants fabric casual and full-bodied (one jeans, one chino mustard, a twill pants dark green…). A suit, if it is tweed or something of the sort.

1. Leather

The leather is smooth, dark blue. This is not the color more traditional, but as I said, there is nothing diferentona. Gives to face and have a boot other than in the closet.

It is difficult to talk about the leather without use for a long time. Only use will show you how the material behaves, but I felt the same thing I have felt in the shoes. The leather is beautiful, but it seems weak. It is not a matter of thickness or rigidity. It is difficult to explain without placing the hands. It seems that I’m talking about evil, but I’m not! For Brazil, it is a good leather.

The boot had some marks on side of one foot. I show in the video, and are the wrinkles of a part of the leather which is not so good (have less elasticity). It will not affect the durability, but commits the aging of the boot. This part is not as beautiful as the other and will score a lot more.

As far as the finish, impeccable. The seam has enough dots-per-inch and the perforations of the brogue are all very well aligned. I say this because I’ve seen boots where the lining appeared in the holes because the pieces were misaligned in time to join.

The boot is all lined in leather, which is excellent for perspiration and comfort. I only recommend you let the boot rest and not use intensely for many days in a row. It is important to leave the material to dry. This tip goes for any leather shoes that you have!

2. Construction and finish

The Louie works with construction blaqueada. It is a garment made by a machine that pierces the sole and joins the uppers, insole and mounting cleat. The advantage is the fixation better than just paste, without taking away the flexibility.

This boot has a turns false (these seams on the outside of the sole are not stuck to anything) that gives weight to the model, and it makes the boot look more strong. I like it, despite being a detail completely aesthetic. The stitching in the boots as brogue from Alden, for example, actually hold the outsole and part of another construction, goodyear welted.

The insole of comfort covers the boot throughout and is lined in leather. The insole of assembly for bass also seems to be leather. Pretty cool. The other option is very used by brazilian shoes is a kind of cardboard. I don’t need to speak…

3. Soles of rubber on the boot Louie

The sole of the boot is black rubber tratorada. I don’t have much to talk about here… I put my and he is comfortable. It is not a rubber soft, is full bodied. I think that should last quite a while, but only time will tell.

This type of sole leaves the boots casual. Adds a weight that combines well with the elements billboard that she has (brogues came out of the field!). It is not a sole stylish, but is great for walking in the day-to-day and to spend a lot of time on foot!

4. Put on

Follow the guidance of site size of Louie, and it worked. I measured my foot as they said and sent them all to see. It worked!

When I tried the oxford shoe of Louie I found without structure. The footwear blaqueado does not have a lot of stuff between the sole and the foot, and this undermines the support. The thick rubber outsole makes up for it. The boot is taller, and has the cushioning that is missing in the thin soles of leather when you are unaccompanied of the structure of a shoe more robust.

Rubber outsole is not necessarily better than the leather. Each one has its advantage. But in the case of shoes blaqueados, the leather tends to be very dry. Leather outsole on a shoe palmilhado or goodyear, it is already another story.

Something that I noticed when I put on it is that the leather deforms a little bit. I think that in the photo above you can see how it seems that my foot is sticking out of the boot. It may be that it is off too much for the boot, or else it is the matter of the leather “soft” that I talked about.

Conclusion: worth buying a boot Louie?

Verdict in the end? After evaluating the two shoes up there and the boots, came to the conclusion that Louie is a great option to shoes formal and casual with classic style. All three models are excellent choices for purchase in Brazil.

This boot is well nice and has a beautiful shape. The look is classic, the color is different. It is not the first boot you should buy, but it is an excellent first option in the time to get out of the ordinary. When you’re tired of only using brown and black, think blue. It is a color easy to combine and you probably already have enough in the wardrobe.

The style of this boot Louie is very casual, but only in the head of anyone who “turns” a little more for shoes. The details of the leather and the rubber outsole tratorada make it a boot ideal for use on a day-to-day, with jeans or khakis, but they also have the opposite effect. With a wave of vintage and the most carefree of men’s fashion in Brazil, details such as the brogue saw is synonymous with a “formal hipster vintage”, so you can even wear with a suit to make everything more relaxed, and stay very elegant.

If you are buying shoes or boots national, I highly recommend checking out the models of Louie. Almost all of the options of the site are of very good taste. The “pre-selection” is very good and the chance of you making mistakes is very small. The material could be better, but they have a cute design, the proportions classic, fair price and great customer service.

This is it! This was my unboxing of a boot of Louie. Share the tip if you enjoyed, and leave in the comments which product national you want to see in the next review!