Career Meanings

The act of running is known as running. It can be an action carried out by a human being or by an animal. For example: “After a ten-kilometer run, I managed to get to the office on time”, “When he saw the dogs, the cat started a full-speed race”, “I’m fed up with the races to do paperwork: I’m going to quit this job.

It is also called a sprint race. Competitors can be people who run, ride horses, or drive some type of vehicle. There are also trained animal races: “The winner of the night race was a South African athlete”, “I always liked motorcycle racing”, “Greyhound racing was prohibited as dogs were subjected to terrible abuse”.

Like any other form of animal exploitation, animal racing is examples of how backward our species is when it comes to compassion. We are the only residents of this planet who use other beings for their own benefit in an unfair way, which does not contribute to the balance of nature but feeds their ego, their desire to dominate everything regardless of the consequences. Dogs and horses subjected to races not only suffer abuse during exploitation, but are abandoned when they are no longer “useful” to their owners.

Career, on the other hand, is the name given to the studies that, once completed, grant a degree and enable the graduate to practice a profession. By extension, a career is called a professional activity that requires prior training: “I am studying the second year of my Medicine career”, “My uncle is a career diplomat”, “In three months I will finish high school and still I don’t know what career I’m going to follow ”.

College and university studies are often a barrier to accessing certain jobs: despite possessing the skills and knowledge necessary to perform tasks brilliantly, an applicant may be rejected simply for not having pursued a certain degree. This does not happen in all companies, but it does in many, and it is truly unfortunate.

It is enough to carry out a random job search to notice that the vast majority of advertisements specify requirements related to studying a career, and often also to obtaining a master’s or doctorate. While in some cases this can be overlooked, certain business settings are too strict about it and won’t give in even to great talent.

Similarly, having completed a degree may mean accessing a social group that despises those who do not have studies beyond the compulsory ones. In certain circles, the rejection of academic education is considered a waste of opportunities and a sign of laziness or denial of progress, even if the individual turns to other activities and decides to enrich himself.

A professional career and the development of an activity are also called a career: “The German footballer managed to develop a very successful career in Italian football”, “I am calm because I have a lawyer with many years of career”, “I had to leave my artistic career when my first child was born ”.

In this sense, it is curious to note that a person can have a career without having completed formal studies, and this does not influence in any way the success they may have achieved. It goes without saying that footballers can reach very high throughout their profession, and the result of all their experiences is called a career, although their knowledge has been obtained in the street and on the field of play.