POEMS Syndrome

POEMS Syndrome Meanings

POEMS syndrome is a rare variation of multiple myeloma with associated paraneoplasia. Elevated levels of vascular endothelial growth factors (VEGF) can be detected in almost all patients. What is POEMS Syndrome? POEMS syndrome is a paraneoplastic disease. The acronym POEMS stands for the English names of the symptoms polyneuropathy, endocrinopathy, M gradient, skin changes and […]


PLS Meanings

PLS stands for Papillon-Lefèvre Syndrome. Papillon -Lefèvre syndrome is a particularly rare form of ectodermal dysplasia. As part of the disease, there is severe keratinization of the skin. In addition, the affected patients suffer from periodontitis, which sets in unusually early. Papillon-Lefèvre syndrome is often referred to by the abbreviation PLS. See AbbreviationFinder for abbreviations related to […]

Hypothenar Hammer Syndrome

HHS Meanings

Hypothenar Hammer Syndrome (HHS for short according to abbreviationfinder) is an arterial disorder of blood flow in the hand. It is caused by a blunt force impact that is applied once or repeatedly to the ball of the little finger (the hypothena). This force usually injures the ulnar artery that triggers the HHS. What is […]

new information and communications technologies

NTIC Meanings

The new information and communications technologies (NTIC according to abbreviationfinder) refer to all the new media that, in recent years, have facilitated the flow of information (Internet, digital video discs [DVD], laptops and all technological devices used to produce, develop and carry out communication). With regard to the media, new technologies have made possible the […]


SMTP Meanings

According to abbreviationfinder, SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is an Application Layer protocol. Text-based network protocol used for the exchange of email messages between computers or other devices (PDA’s, mobile phones, etc.). It is defined in RFC 2821 and is an official Internet standard. History It is part of […]

United Nations Meanings

United Nations Meanings

Cuba at the United Nations Cuba has 4 permanent missions to international organizations (UN / New York; UN / Geneva; FAO-WFP-IFAD / Rome and UNESCO / Paris). In addition, it has 3 bilateral missions that have a high multilateral component: Embassy of Cuba in the Netherlands (OPCW); Embassy of Cuba in Austria (IAEA, UNIDO, UNODC); […]

CEO Meanings

CEO Meanings

What are the duties of a CEO? According to abbreviationfinder, CEO is the abbreviation of Chief Executive Officer. In German-speaking countries, this abbreviation means managing director or executive board member of a company. The term CEO is more of a functional description. In German-speaking countries, “CEO” has no legal relevance. The managing director or directors […]

Integrated Services Digital Network ISDN

ISDN Meanings

According to AbbreviationFinder, ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network. From the point of view of the OSI standard, an ISDN stack consists of three protocols: Physical layer Link layer or data link layer (DLL) Network layer, or network layer (the ISDN protocol, proper) From the point of view of the interface with the user, […]

Visual Basic

Visual Basic Meanings

Short for VB by AbbreviationFinder, Visual Basic is a programming language developed by the German Alan Cooper for Microsoft. The programming language is a dialect of BASIC, with important additions. Its first version was presented in 1991, with the intention of simplifying programming using a completely graphical development environment that facilitated the creation of graphical […]