CEO Meanings

CEO Meanings

What are the duties of a CEO? According to abbreviationfinder, CEO is the abbreviation of Chief Executive Officer. In German-speaking countries, this abbreviation means managing director or executive board member of a company. The term CEO is more of a functional description. In German-speaking countries, “CEO” has no legal relevance. The managing director or directors […]

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management Meanings

Knowledge management (knowledge management, in English) is the process of capturing, organizing, disseminating, practical application and protecting knowledge considered important by a company. This knowledge includes: The intellectual capital of its human resources, that is, the information that each employee has individually, from their training and experience All the knowledge contained in the processes, products, […]

Warehousing 2

Warehousing Meanings 2

Types of warehousing The structure of the warehouse must be well thought out, because this is the only way to ensure that the warehouse functions as efficiently as possible. That is why there are different types of storage, whereby we will now go into the individual classifications in detail. Storage according to the type of […]


Warehousing Meanings

When storage is about all aspects of the interim storage of goods and products at different stages of production. In this article, we summarize what needs to be taken into account when it comes to warehousing, which systems are available and how they can be used particularly efficiently. Definition: what is warehousing? The storage of […]


Auditor Meanings

When someone is an auditor, he is doing it professionally on the one hand and holding a public office on the other. As the term auditor suggests, one of the tasks is the auditing. An auditor controls the proper accounting of companies and checks the annual financial statements, the consolidated financial statements and the management […]

Joint Venture

Joint Venture Meanings

In order to be more successful and to get mutual benefit from their activities, companies often work together. It is not always an amalgamation of companies to form a company, but the companies can work together in a community and remain independent. A joint venture is a community of companies. Joint venture – the definition […]

Direct Costs Meanings

Direct Costs Meanings

In a company, direct costs are those costs that can be specifically assigned to a specific product or service. According to Abbreviationfinder,┬ádirect cost is short for DC. Definition The special feature of the individual costs is the very specific attributability of the costs to a certain cost unit. A distinction is made between various individual […]


Return on Equity Meanings

The decisive factor for an investment is the return on equity or return on equity. In company analysis, this figure is just as important as the cash flow and the return on capital. The return on equity indicates how profitably an investor invested or how profitably a company operates. The calculation formula is not identical […]

Non-wage Costs Meanings

Non-wage Costs Meanings

The ancillary wage costs are indirect labor costs incurred through a salary payment or wage payment to the employee. In the tax return, the expenses for salaries and incidental wage costs are otherwise deducted! The employer incurs non-wage labor costs through the employment of employees and these are indirect labor costs as opposed to paying […]


Equity Meanings

Whether it is about the equity of a company or the equity of a mortgage: in general, the more the better. For a company, a lot of equity means a solid foundation, with a home loan it increases the creditworthiness and lowers the monthly interest burden. Although construction financing without equity is now also available, […]


Cart Meanings

The Gallic word carros changed to the Latin carrus, and this came to our language as car. The concept refers to a vehicle equipped with two wheels and pulled by an animal that is used to transport different objects. Carts are carriages: means of transport that have a frame mounted on wheels. In this case, […]