CEO Meanings

CEO Meanings

What are the duties of a CEO? According to abbreviationfinder, CEO is the abbreviation of Chief Executive Officer. In German-speaking countries, this abbreviation means managing director or executive board member of a company. The term CEO is more of a functional description. In German-speaking countries, “CEO” has no legal relevance. The managing director or directors […]

Evening Shoes

Evening Shoes Meanings

Do you want to give your festive evening wear a great effect? You will surely succeed with tasteful evening shoes. Evening shoes can not only influence your overall look, they also give you the opportunity to visually elongate your legs. Shoes look great with long evening gowns as well as short cocktail dresses. You automatically […]

Velcro Fasteners

Velcro Fasteners Meanings

Velcro fasteners are mainly found on children’s shoes and outdoor sandals. In addition, some well-known shoe manufacturers such as Nike , Converse or Vans occasionally produce casual or sports shoes with a Velcro fastener. Even if the Velcro fastener for shoes, backpacks and clothing is part of everyday life today, it is a very new […]

Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator Sandals Meanings

Sandals are among the classics of summer clothing and, in their diverse designs, are definitely one of the most versatile representatives of summer shoes. Besides strappy sandals , Flip Flops -Sandals and models plateau or wedge heel, especially the gladiator sandals a fashionable trend, and by its unusual shape is a real eye-catcher. The gladiator […]

Beach Sandals

Beach Sandals Meanings

Sandals and heeled sandals are definitely the first choice when it comes to finding appealing yet airy footwear in the warm summer months that can be perfectly combined with cheerful summer fashion, but also business or festive clothing. The beach sandals or sandals, which are also sold under the name of beach sandals and offer […]


Slippers Meanings

Slippers are classed as summer or sports shoes and are mostly insensitive sandals or semi-closed shoes made of rubber or sturdy plastics. They are worn in addition to swimwear in the indoor or outdoor pool, but are also used as slippers and casual shoes and are also worn on vacation and on the beach or […]


Loafers Meanings

With loafers you give your outfit a relaxed and casual look. The loafers women and men offer a unique, comfortable wearing comfort and are also absolutely trendy. Usually they are made of soft leather or fabric. Natural tones or bright colors give them a summery look. You can wear the loafers all year round and […]

Sports Shoes

Sports Shoes Meanings

Sports shoes are an overarching category of purpose-built shoes, whose design and cut are tailored to the specific needs of the particular sport being practiced and are part of the sports outfit. Commercially they are also under the English collective term sneaker or as partially outdated applicable term sneaker offered. In the meantime, this category […]

Running Shoes

Running Shoes Meanings

Running shoes belong to the category of running shoes. They are particularly geared towards the needs of runners. Therefore there are also many different types with different degrees of attenuation. Models for summer and winter are also available. This means that you can be active in the outdoor area all year round. The right model […]


Sneakers Meanings

There is sure to be a pair of sneakers in your shoe closet. Because sneakers are more popular than ever with the majority of society. Sneakers are comfortable, trendy and look great. Likewise, sneakers are widely accepted by the population as everyday and leisure shoes and they can be worn for almost any occasion. Only […]

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management Meanings

Knowledge management (knowledge management, in English) is the process of capturing, organizing, disseminating, practical application and protecting knowledge considered important by a company. This knowledge includes: The intellectual capital of its human resources, that is, the information that each employee has individually, from their training and experience All the knowledge contained in the processes, products, […]

Warehousing 2

Warehousing Meanings 2

Types of warehousing The structure of the warehouse must be well thought out, because this is the only way to ensure that the warehouse functions as efficiently as possible. That is why there are different types of storage, whereby we will now go into the individual classifications in detail. Storage according to the type of […]


Warehousing Meanings

When storage is about all aspects of the interim storage of goods and products at different stages of production. In this article, we summarize what needs to be taken into account when it comes to warehousing, which systems are available and how they can be used particularly efficiently. Definition: what is warehousing? The storage of […]