new information and communications technologies

NTIC Meanings

The new information and communications technologies (NTIC according to abbreviationfinder) refer to all the new media that, in recent years, have facilitated the flow of information (Internet, digital video discs [DVD], laptops and all technological devices used to produce, develop and carry out communication). With regard to the media, new technologies have made possible the […]


SMTP Meanings

According to abbreviationfinder, SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is an Application Layer protocol. Text-based network protocol used for the exchange of email messages between computers or other devices (PDA’s, mobile phones, etc.). It is defined in RFC 2821 and is an official Internet standard. History It is part of […]

Integrated Services Digital Network ISDN

ISDN Meanings

According to AbbreviationFinder, ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network. From the point of view of the OSI standard, an ISDN stack consists of three protocols: Physical layer Link layer or data link layer (DLL) Network layer, or network layer (the ISDN protocol, proper) From the point of view of the interface with the user, […]

Visual Basic

Visual Basic Meanings

Short for VB by AbbreviationFinder, Visual Basic is a programming language developed by the German Alan Cooper for Microsoft. The programming language is a dialect of BASIC, with important additions. Its first version was presented in 1991, with the intention of simplifying programming using a completely graphical development environment that facilitated the creation of graphical […]

WP-Warsaw Pact

WP Meanings

Warsaw Pact, abbreviation WP by AbbreviationFinder, Warsaw Treaty Organization, abbreviation WVO, 1955–91 military alliance of communist states in Europe under the leadership of the Soviet Union. The Warsaw Pact was alongside the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance the most important multilateral organization of these states. The Warsaw Pact was founded on May 14, 1955 in […]


RAM Meanings

The RAMs (known as Random Access Memory according to ABBREVIATIONFINDER) is one of the most important parts of computers as they are on them that the processor stores the data with which it is dealing. This type of memory has an extremely fast data recording process, when compared to the various types of ROM memory. However, […]