Dopamine Meanings

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter: a substance that, in the nerve synapse, is responsible for transmitting impulses. Synapse, on the other hand, is the name given to the connection established by two neurons. According to abbreviationfinder, DPM stands for Dopamine. Derived from an amino acid called dopa (which, in turn, is derived from tyrosine), dopamine acts on the […]


Sleep Meanings

The verb to sleep alludes to what a human being or an animal does when they are in a state of rest that implies the absence of voluntary movements and the suspension of the senses. When sleeping, the person is inactive. For example: “I’m so tired that I plan to sleep late ”, “Don’t forget […]


Director Meanings

In Latin is where the etymological origin of the word director is found. Specifically, it comes from the sum of three components of said language: the prefix “di-“, which is equivalent to “divergence”; the verb “regere”, which is synonymous with “govern”, and the suffix “-tor”, which can be used as “agent”. Director is an adjective […]

geometric drawing

Geometric Drawing Meanings

To know the meaning of the term geometric drawing, it is necessary, first of all, to discover the etymological origin of the two words that give it shape: -Drawing comes from French, exactly from the verb “déboissier”, which can be translated as “to draw”. -Geometric, on the other hand, derives from the Greek. It is […]


Becoming Meanings

Becoming, originating in the French language, is a term that refers to something that can occur, happen or become. The notion, therefore, is associated with change or mutation that occurs over time. >For example: “We have to prevent fanaticism from becoming terrorism”, “I didn’t think it would come to this, but I got carried away […]


Rampage Meanings

In Latin is where the etymological origin of the word chaos that concerns us now is found, since it is the result of the union of two different parts: -The prefix “des-“, which comes to indicate “negation” or reversal of the action. -The noun “mater”. Desmadre is a colloquial term that is used in several […]


Desire Meanings

From the Latin desidium, desire is the action and effect of wishing (to yearn for, feel like, aspire to something). The concept allows us to name the affective movement or impulse towards something that is wanted. For example: “I want the working day to end as soon as possible so I can go home and […]

Human Development

Human Development Meanings

The concept of human development can refer to two different issues. On the one hand, it is linked to the improvement of the living conditions of the human being through the satisfaction of his needs. On the other hand, it can refer to development in the biological sense , from conception to birth or adulthood. […]


Depression Meanings

The word depression comes from the Latin term depressio which, in turn, comes from depressus (“dejected” or “knocked down”). It is an emotional disorder that makes the person feel sad and listless, experiencing inner discomfort and hindering their interactions with the environment. For example: «I don’t know what to do with Uncle Augusto: depression makes […]


Demolition Meanings

In Latin is where the etymological origin of the term demolition that now concerns us is found. It exactly comes from “demolition”, which is the result of the sum of two well-differentiated components: -The prefix “de-”, which means “from top to bottom”. -The noun “moles”, which can be translated as “mass”. Demolition is the act […]


Cueca Meanings

In the first place, we can state that there are several theories about the etymological origin of the word cueca. However, one of the most accepted has come to determine that it derives from “clueca”, which refers to the fact that the hen sings after having laid an egg. The cueca is a dance originating […]


Cruise Meanings

The term cruise has multiple meanings, but nowadays it is customary to associate the notion with the recreational trip that is made by boat and offers different scales. In general, these voyages are pleasant activities that take place in luxury boats where the attention is personalized and the services are refined and exclusive. For its […]


Crime Meanings

Crime is the willful act of seriously injuring or murdering someone. The person who carries out this type of action is known as a criminal. For example: “There are two detainees for the crime of the textile businessman”, “A horrendous crime shocked the city of Rio de Janeiro”, “The police redouble their efforts to find […]


Civil Defense Meanings

Civil defense is an organization whose function is to provide support to the population in the framework of emergencies generated by natural catastrophes or other phenomena. These entities have the support of governments for their operation. Those who make up the civil defense, also called civil protection, work to guarantee the safety and survival of […]


Debut Meanings

The French word début came to our language as debut. The term refers to the first participation or performance of a person in a certain activity. In other words: the debut is the first time of carrying out an action. For example: “The debut of the Uruguayan striker will take place next Tuesday”, “The young […]


Wedge Meanings

A wedge is a piece that ends at a very acute dihedral angle. It can be made of metal, wood or other material and is used to adjust or tighten one solid body with another, to wedge them or to divide them. The wedge also allows you to fill a hole or a crack. For […]


Copay Meanings

Copay is a concept used in private medicine to define the difference between the price of a service and its value covered by a health plan. It is, therefore, the amount that the member has to pay to access said service. For example: “Home care requires a copayment of 10 euros per visit”, “The treatment […]


Lymphangioleiomyomatosis Meanings

Lymphangioleiomyomatosis is a serious and very rare lung disease that almost exclusively affects women. Due to the non-specific symptoms, the disease is usually recognized late or misdiagnosed, so that it is not always treated correctly. What is Lymphangioleiomyomatosis? Lymphangioleimyomatosis is one of the rare lung diseases. The cause is a spontaneously acquired or inherited genetic […]

Milkman Syndrome

Milkman Syndrome Meanings

Pseudo- fractures caused by osteomalacia are referred to as Milkman’s syndrome. Pseudo-fractures are features that appear in radiological examinations and appear white and band-like in the X-ray images. What is Milkman Syndrome? The pseudo-fractures of Milkman’s syndrome are not real fractures, but pathological remodeling processes in the bones, which are mostly due to osteomalacia or […]

Intrauterine Growth Retardation

Intrauterine Growth Retardation Meanings

A prenatal developmental disorder is called intrauterine growth retardation. Synonyms for intrauterine growth restriction are prenatal dystrophy and fetal hypertrophy. What is intrauterine growth restriction? Intrauterine growth retardation is usually detected during prenatal care in the second or third trimester during an ultrasound scan. A so-called fetometry is carried out with the help of ultrasound. See AbbreviationFinder for abbreviations related to […]

Cat Scratch Disease

Cat Scratch Disease Meanings

In the case of cat scratch disease, which is caused by bacteria, the pathogen enters the human organism mainly via scratch injuries of the cat. The cats themselves either do not get sick at all or only slightly. What is cat scratch disease? In poor health or a weakened immune system, for example as part of […]

Leber Congenital Amaurosis

Leber Congenital Amaurosis Meanings

Leber ‘s congenital amaurosis is a hereditary disorder of the function of the retina of the eye. A special pigment epithelium located on the retina is primarily affected by the impairment. The term disease derives from the Greek word ‘amauros’, which means something like blind or dark. Leber’s congenital amaurosis is congenital and also includes […]

Stage Fright

Stage Fright Meanings

Stage fright corresponds to a stressful situation before public appearances. The phenomenon can develop into anxiety disorders over time. If this happens, cognitive behavioral therapy helps to reassess the negatively perceived situation. What is stage fright? Patients with stage fright suffer from mental and physical symptoms. All stage fright is a temporary state of mind […]

Bone Marrow Carcinosis

Bone Marrow Carcinosis Meanings

Bone marrow carcinosis is a rare diffuse metastasis of a cancerous tumor within the bone marrow. It is a complication of bone metastases. What is bone marrow carcinosis? Bone metastases or bone marrow carcinosis are usually noticeable through pain in the back or in the limbs, but cannot be clearly assigned as they can also […]


Hypogalactia Meanings

Hypogalactia is insufficient milk production in the mammary gland of a new mother. This underproduction is often the cause of incorrect breastfeeding processes. In such a case, treatment is guidance on proper breastfeeding. What is hypogalactia? The individual symptoms of hypogalactia depend primarily on the cause. The lack of milk usually becomes noticeable as soon […]

Cartilage damage

CD Meanings

According to abbreviationfinder, CD stands for cartilage damage. Cartilage damage is a joint disease that occurs in different joints in the body. Depending on how severely the respective cartilage is damaged and what kind of cartilage it is, a painless restoration of the cartilage function can be achieved with a suitable therapy. What is cartilage damage? Poor […]


Worldview Meanings

Before entering fully into the analysis of the meaning of the term cosmovision, it is interesting and fundamental that we resort to establishing its etymological origin. In this sense, we could highlight that it is a neologism, «Weltanschauung», made up of words from the German language: «Welt», which can be translated as «world», and «anschauen», […]


Corporal Meanings

Corporal, a term originating from the Latin word corporālis, is an adjective that qualifies that which is linked to the body, especially the human body. For example: “To avoid back pain, it is important to take care of body posture”, “That man’s body odor is very strong”, “An expert analyzed the suspect’s body language and […]


Spouse Meanings

In order to know the meaning of the term spouse, it is necessary, first of all, to discover its etymological origin. In this case, we can state that it derives from Latin, exactly from “coniux – coniugis” which is the result of the sum of the following components: -The prefix “con-“, which can be translated […]


Hyposalivation Meanings

According to abbreviationfinder, the physician understands hyposalivation as the lack of secretion of saliva. The oral mucosa reddens with this phenomenon, it hurts and is sometimes inflamed. Therapeutic methods such as the administration of saliva substitutes can be used to combat dry mouth. What is hyposalivation? When there is hyposalivation, the saliva loses its buffering […]