Achard-Thiers Syndrome

Achard-Thiers Syndrome Meanings

The Achard-Thiers syndrome is a disease that is characterized by the combination of central obesity, hypertrichosis and diabetes. The main cause of the syndrome is an adrenal cortex tumor or a basal pituitary adenoma. What is Achard-Thiers Syndrome? The main cause of the Achard-Thiers syndrome is an adrenal cortex tumor (see illustration) or a basal […]

Albinism Meanings

Albinism Meanings

In albinism , a genetic effect results in a deficiency or complete absence of melanin . Among other things, melanin is responsible for the formation of pigments in the skin, eyes and hair. Albinism, which not only occurs in humans, can become an outwardly very noticeable disease. Affected people are often referred to as albinos, […]


Liability Meanings

The liability is the set of obligations and debts made to finance the organizational activity, considered in the accounting of companies. The amounts of the liabilities originate from expenses, such as accounts payable to suppliers or the government, for example, being shown through the balance sheet. While assets generate income for the company, such as […]

Warsaw Pact

Warsaw Pact Meanings

According to AbbreviationFinder, Warsaw Pact is also known as WP. History of the Warsaw Pact The Allies were already thinking about Germany’s future during the Second World War. After the Wehrmacht surrendered on May 8, 1945, it soon became clear that the USA, Great Britain and the Soviet Union could not agree on a common solution for […]

WP-Warsaw Pact

WP Meanings

Warsaw Pact, abbreviation WP by AbbreviationFinder, Warsaw Treaty Organization, abbreviation WVO, 1955–91 military alliance of communist states in Europe under the leadership of the Soviet Union. The Warsaw Pact was alongside the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance the most important multilateral organization of these states. The Warsaw Pact was founded on May 14, 1955 in […]

What is Holding

Holding Meanings

What is Holding? A holding company is a company that acts as the parent of other companies, holding a majority stake in the shares of its subsidiaries. Holding is not a corporate type, but a way of managing business groups that aims to reduce the tax burden, return capital in the form of exempt profits […]

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management Meanings

Knowledge management (knowledge management, in English) is the process of capturing, organizing, disseminating, practical application and protecting knowledge considered important by a company. This knowledge includes: The intellectual capital of its human resources, that is, the information that each employee has individually, from their training and experience All the knowledge contained in the processes, products, […]

Warehousing 2

Warehousing Meanings 2

Types of warehousing The structure of the warehouse must be well thought out, because this is the only way to ensure that the warehouse functions as efficiently as possible. That is why there are different types of storage, whereby we will now go into the individual classifications in detail. Storage according to the type of […]