Warehousing Meanings

When storage is about all aspects of the interim storage of goods and products at different stages of production. In this article, we summarize what needs to be taken into account when it comes to warehousing, which systems are available and how they can be used particularly efficiently. Definition: what is warehousing? The storage of […]

New Work 2

New Work Meanings Part II

What are the advantages of New Work that employees benefit from? For you as a young and modern thinking entrepreneur, New Work can become an important part of your personal marketing and employer marketing. But more on that later. If you believe in this concept and let it live in your company, it will be […]

New Work

New Work Meanings Part I

The change is in a constant change. Digitization is always advancing and technical change knows no bounds. Of course, this also creates space for change. Sometimes there is also room for changes that can be very serious and, especially in the world of work, have almost revolutionary features. Examples here would be especially New Work […]

Equity Ratio

Equity Ratio Meanings

Every company needs a share of equity in order to survive economically. The equity serves as a reserve for unforeseen expenses, a solid share of equity also has a positive effect on the granting of credits and loans. The share of equity in the total capital of a company is expressed in the form of […]


Auditor Meanings

When someone is an auditor, he is doing it professionally on the one hand and holding a public office on the other. As the term auditor suggests, one of the tasks is the auditing. An auditor controls the proper accounting of companies and checks the annual financial statements, the consolidated financial statements and the management […]

Joint Venture

Joint Venture Meanings

In order to be more successful and to get mutual benefit from their activities, companies often work together. It is not always an amalgamation of companies to form a company, but the companies can work together in a community and remain independent. A joint venture is a community of companies. Joint venture – the definition […]

Direct Costs Meanings

Direct Costs Meanings

In a company, direct costs are those costs that can be specifically assigned to a specific product or service. According to Abbreviationfinder,┬ádirect cost is short for DC. Definition The special feature of the individual costs is the very specific attributability of the costs to a certain cost unit. A distinction is made between various individual […]

Facts about the warthog

Warthog Meanings

The warthog is very common on the African savannah. It is an extremely diurnal animal that spends most of its day finding food and drinking water. Despite its chromed body, the warthog can easily run fast. It can reach a top speed of 50 km per hour. By comparison, the world’s fastest man – Usain […]


Variable Rate Meanings

The variable rate tender is one of two auction procedures that are used in open market policy transactions between central and commercial banks. The focus is on the purchase or sale of securities by the central banks as part of an auction process. The commercial banks not only name the desired volume, but also offer […]


TecDAX Meanings

The TecDAX represents the index for technology stocks within the DAX group. It was founded in March 2003 as the successor to the earlier Nemax50 (Neuer Markt Index). Since the DAX30, MDAX and SDAX no longer have any industry-specific restrictions since September 30, 2018, it may well be that a company appears in both the […]