Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss Meanings

Hearing loss usually occurs suddenly and unexpectedly. In most cases, one ear is then affected by the sudden hearing loss. The signs of this disease are hearing loss or even deafness, dizziness and ringing in the ears (tinnitus). The causes are circulatory disorders, which can be triggered primarily by stress and smoking. What is hearing […]

Horseshoe Kidney

Horseshoe Kidney Meanings

A so-called horseshoe kidney always forms when the lower poles of the two kidneys fuse. Already in the womb, the kidneys are created somewhat displaced and no longer resemble the normal development. However, the development of the ureters occurs normally. What is a horseshoe kidney? When the two kidneys grow together at the bottom during […]


Homocystinuria Meanings

According to abbreviationfinder, homocystinuria is a rare, genetically determined metabolic disease that is due to an enzyme deficiency and is characterized by an increased concentration of homocysteine in the blood. As part of an early and consistent therapy, homocystinuria can usually be treated well. What is homocystinuria? Homocystinuria is a rare, genetically caused amino acid […]


Continent Meanings

Realizing an exact definition of continent is more difficult than it can be supposed. A continent is a large-sized unit of land that can be distinguished from smaller ones (such as countries) for reasons of geography or culture. There is no specific number of continents: it all depends on the perspective followed when distinguishing between […]


Consulting Meanings

The first thing we are going to do is determine the etymological origin of the term query and that means that we realize that it is found in Latin. More precisely, we can establish that it comes from the word consul, which can be translated as “ask for advice.” The action and effect of consulting […]

Conquest Meanings

Conquest Meanings

In order to discover the meaning of the term conquest, it is necessary to know, first of all, what its etymological origin is. In this case, we can highlight that it is a word that derives from the Latin “conquisitare”, which can be translated as “acquire permanently”. Furthermore, we can point out that it is […]

Confinement Meanings

Confinement Meanings

Confinement is the action and effect of confining. This verb refers to confining someone within limits or banishing them to a compulsory residence. For example: “The detainee requested the transfer since he says he can no longer bear the conditions of confinement in the police station”, “If you want to avoid confinement, you must collaborate […]

Herd Encephalitis

Herd Encephalitis Meanings

According to AbbreviationFinder, herd encephalitis is an inflammatory change in a part of the brain. It is usually caused by bacteria and usually occurs as a consequence of another inflammatory process in the body. While herd encephalitis was often fatal in the past, it can now be treated comparatively well. What is herd encephalitis? Septic […]

Cerebrospinal Gliomatosis

Cerebrospinal Gliomatosis Meanings

Gliomatosis cerebri is a primary type of brain tumor. Gliomatosis cerebri is characterized by a diffuse infiltration in the tissue of the brain, which is also typical for other gliomas. Due to the extent of this infiltration, the solid structures of the tumor play a subordinate role. According to abbreviationfinder.org, gliomatosis cerebri is a very […]

Glass Bone Disease

Glass Bone Disease Meanings

The brittle bone disease or Osteogenesis imperfecta is a genetic disease in which the collagen balance is disturbed and easily break the bones in consequence and deform. The course of vitreous bone disease depends on the type of gene damage. What is vitreous bone disease? Glass bone disease is an inherited disease in which collagen […]


Giardiasis Meanings

As giardiasis an infection of the intestine is referred to, which is caused by parasites. The disease occurs more frequently in childhood and can be easily treated with antibiotics. Around 200 million new infections are recorded worldwide every year, giardiasis mainly occurs in tropical countries. What is giardiasis? Giardiasis is an intestinal infection that is […]

failure to thrive

Failure to Thrive Meanings

Due to regular preventive examinations, babies’ failure to thrive usually no longer occurs in health-endangering dimensions. However, if there are any indications that a child is not thriving properly, medical help is essential. What is failure to thrive? Failure to thrive is when an infant or toddler does not seem to develop in an age-appropriate […]

duodenal stenosis

Duodenal Stenosis Meanings

According to abbreviationfinder.org, a duodenal stenosis is a narrowing of the small intestine. It is usually congenital, but it can also be acquired. What is duodenal stenosis? A stenosis is a narrowing of a hollow organ. In duodenal stenosis, the small intestine, more precisely the duodenum (duodenum), is affected by the stenosis. Duodenal stenosis is also […]

Diamond Blackfan Syndrome

Diamond Blackfan Syndrome Meanings

The Diamond-Blackfan anemia is an anemic disease, with the development is still unclear. Diamond Blackfan Syndrome can be treated relatively well and sometimes even cured. However, preventive measures are not possible. What is Diamond Blackfan Syndrome? The doctor calls Diamond-Blackfan syndrome – also known as erythrogenesis imperfecta or chronic congenital hypoplastic anemia and Diamond-Blackfan anemia […]

Dejerine-Sottas disease

Dejerine-Sottas Disease Meanings

When Dejerine-Sottas disease is an inherited disease that affects the peripheral nerves. Dejerine-Sottas disease belongs to the group of inherited sensory and motor neuropathies. Doctors often refer to the disease as HMSN type 3. What is Dejerine Sottas Disease? Dejerine-Sottas disease is also known by the synonyms hypertrophic neuropathy of childhood and Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type […]


Bulimia Meanings

According to abbreviationfinder.org, the bulimia (bulimia nervosa), making it a dining nervosa and one of the eating disorders. In contrast to anorexia , you can hardly tell that people with bulimia are suffering from an eating disorder, since they are usually of normal weight. Typical signs are high calorie food, vomiting, tooth decay and a […]

Evening Shoes

Evening Shoes Meanings

Do you want to give your festive evening wear a great effect? You will surely succeed with tasteful evening shoes. Evening shoes can not only influence your overall look, they also give you the opportunity to visually elongate your legs. Shoes look great with long evening gowns as well as short cocktail dresses. You automatically […]

Buruli Ulcer

Buruli Ulcer Meanings

When Buruli ulcer, and gastric tropicum called, is a tropical disease that occurs mainly in Africa, South Asia and Latin America. The disease causes ulcers to form on various parts of the body. The legs are particularly often affected by these ulcerations. The exact transmission mechanism has not yet been clarified. What is Buruli Ulcer? […]

Velcro Fasteners

Velcro Fasteners Meanings

Velcro fasteners are mainly found on children’s shoes and outdoor sandals. In addition, some well-known shoe manufacturers such as Nike , Converse or Vans occasionally produce casual or sports shoes with a Velcro fastener. Even if the Velcro fastener for shoes, backpacks and clothing is part of everyday life today, it is a very new […]

Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator Sandals Meanings

Sandals are among the classics of summer clothing and, in their diverse designs, are definitely one of the most versatile representatives of summer shoes. Besides strappy sandals , Flip Flops -Sandals and models plateau or wedge heel, especially the gladiator sandals a fashionable trend, and by its unusual shape is a real eye-catcher. The gladiator […]

Beach Sandals

Beach Sandals Meanings

Sandals and heeled sandals are definitely the first choice when it comes to finding appealing yet airy footwear in the warm summer months that can be perfectly combined with cheerful summer fashion, but also business or festive clothing. The beach sandals or sandals, which are also sold under the name of beach sandals and offer […]