Clayton, Delaware

Clayton, Delaware

Clayton, Delaware is a small town located in New Castle County, Delaware. It is part of the Wilmington metropolitan area, and as of 2018 had a population of 1,912. Check Countryaah to see other cities in Delaware.

The town was founded in 1736 by Thomas Clayton, who was the great-grandson of William Penn. The original settlement was known as “Clayton’s Corner” and later became known as “Clayton’s Cross Roads.” In 1851 it was officially incorporated as the Town of Clayton and became its own municipality.

Clayton is a tight-knit community with an old-fashioned charm that can be seen throughout its streets and buildings. The downtown area features several historic buildings from the 19th century including the Claymont Stone Schoolhouse (built in 1829), which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The town also boasts a variety of restaurants, shops, and other businesses that cater to locals and visitors alike.

The surrounding area is home to some beautiful parks such as White Clay Creek State Park where visitors can enjoy hiking trails, fishing ponds, camping sites, picnic areas, and more. Additionally there are several golf courses nearby for those looking to get out on the green as well as two public libraries where people can find books or take part in various programs offered by them throughout the year.

The people of Clayton are proud of their hometown and strive to maintain its small-town feel while embracing modern conveniences such as high speed internet access offered by local providers like Verizon Fios or Comcast Xfinity. They also take great pride in their schools which include both public institutions like Stanton Middle School or Newark High School and private facilities such as St Mark’s High School or Padua Academy for those seeking a more rigorous academic experience.

Clayton residents are very active in their community with many volunteer opportunities available through local organizations like Clayton Community Services which helps provide food for those in need or Friends of White Clay Creek who work to preserve natural resources within the park system around town. There are also plenty of recreational activities to take part in such as soccer leagues at Stanton Middle School or basketball tournaments at Newark High Schools gymnasiums during summer months when it’s too hot outside!

Overall, Clayton is an ideal place to live with its friendly people and beautiful scenery, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a small town atmosphere without sacrificing access to modern amenities like high speed internet or quality education systems like those found here.

History of Clayton, Delaware

Clayton, Delaware is a small town located in Kent County, Delaware. It was originally part of a large tract of land known as the Appoquinimink Hundred, which was granted to William Penn in 1682. The area was first settled by a group of Quakers led by Thomas Clayton in 1704. The settlement was named after Thomas Clayton and became an important stop on the road between Philadelphia and Dover.

The town quickly grew into a prosperous agricultural center with several mills, tanneries, stores, and hotels all operating in the area. By the mid-1800s it had become an important transportation hub for the region as it served as a stop on the Philadelphia-Wilmington-Baltimore Railroad line.

In 1869, Clayton incorporated as a borough and continued to grow throughout the 19th century with many businesses opening up shop along Main Street. In 1891, it became part of Kent County when that county was formed from parts of New Castle County and Sussex County.

Clayton remained largely an agricultural center throughout most of its history but began to experience some industrial growth during World War II when several factories opened up near town to support the war effort. The factories provided much needed jobs for many local residents who found work in them making uniforms and other supplies for the military.

After World War II ended, Clayton’s economy shifted away from industry back towards agriculture once again as many of its factories closed down or moved elsewhere. In recent years however, there has been some revitalization with new businesses opening up along Main Street such as restaurants, shops and galleries which have helped attract more people to the area.

Today, Clayton is still primarily an agricultural town but has become somewhat of a tourist destination due to its historical significance and charming downtown area which features many well preserved 19th century buildings such as churches, homes and stores that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is also home to several parks including Memorial Park which features a Veterans Memorial honoring those who served in World War II from Clayton and surrounding areas.

Clayton, Delaware