Confinement Meanings

Confinement Meanings

Confinement is the action and effect of confining. This verb refers to confining someone within limits or banishing them to a compulsory residence. For example: “The detainee requested the transfer since he says he can no longer bear the conditions of confinement in the police station”, “If you want to avoid confinement, you must collaborate with Justice”, “The parents protested the confinement of the children in a small room when the school has ample facilities ”.

For the law, confinement is the penalty imposed on a convicted person and that forces him to live in a place other than his home. The term is often used as a synonym for confinement : “The judge still ordered the confinement of the murderer”, “A sentence of eight years is a harsh confinement”, “The prisoner managed to escape from confinement and is a fugitive.

According to, magnetic confinement is known as the fact of containing a material in a plasma state within a magnetic field. This is made possible by the Lorentz force, a type of force generated by a charged particle.

With regard to the former, we should emphasize that it can be of two types. On the one hand, there would be confinement by means of laser, which is currently the most used, and on the other hand, there is confinement by clamping, which is based on a point of maximum understanding.

Within the scientific field of biology, the term at hand is also used. Specifically, we speak of confinement as the set of tools and techniques that exist to prevent unwanted biological material from being dispersed throughout the natural environment.

In the same way, we cannot ignore the existence of what is known as postnatal confinement. This usually occurs in certain cultures and countries such as China and consists of the mother, after giving birth, being confined at home with her baby until the incision that has been made heals or recovers her health.

Among the most frequent rules of said confinement are the following:
• Women who have just given birth are exempt from doing physical work.
• They are prohibited from having sexual intercourse during that time.
• They must stay in their homes.
• They cannot be exposed to air conditioning or similar ventilation systems. Similarly, they are advised not to wash their hair during this period.
• It is essential that women who have just become mothers follow a specific diet to make it easier for their bodies to recover. Specifically, it is indicated that they eat foods such as pumpkin and fish while others such as pineapple, watermelon or vegetables are prohibited.

Another type of confinement is inertial confinement, which consists of achieving the necessary conditions for the particles to achieve the necessary movement and to produce a nuclear fusion reaction. This confinement can be obtained by laser or clamping.

The confinement of the color finally, is the property of elementary particles have a color charge. Said particles are observed only together with other particles, producing a white combination (with a zero color charge).

Confinement Meanings