Conquest Meanings

Conquest Meanings

In order to discover the meaning of the term conquest, it is necessary to know, first of all, what its etymological origin is. In this case, we can highlight that it is a word that derives from the Latin “conquisitare”, which can be translated as “acquire permanently”. Furthermore, we can point out that it is the result of the sum of two components:
-The prefix “with”, which can be translated as “together” or “total”.
-The verb “quaerere”, which means “require” or “search”.

According to, conquest is the act and result of conquering : obtaining something through skill, sacrifice, or violence. A conquest is what is achieved after overcoming certain obstacles.

For example: “The conquest of enemy territory cost us thousands of lives”, “Tomorrow the Paraguayan team will go for the most important conquest in its history”, “Two months after winning the Nobel Prize, the American writer will give a conference in our country ”.

The idea of ​​conquest is often used to name the surrender of an enemy through the use of weapons. This action usually includes the appropriation of land by the conqueror, who goes on to govern said territory.

At the end of the 15th century, to mention a well-known historical fact, the conquest of America by European powers began. In this process, Spain, Portugal, and other nations used their military might to appropriate the lands where numerous aboriginal peoples lived.

Another of the most important conquests in history was that of Granada by the Catholic Monarchs. In the year 1492, and after ten years of conflict, it was when the monarchs Isabel and Fernando managed to take over the aforementioned city, thus making the person who had it until that moment, Emir Boabdil, had to leave it forever.

Exactly on January 2, 1492, the aforementioned kings succeeded in taking over the city, which was given to them directly, by means of the usual keys, by the aforementioned emir.

The notion of conquest can also be applied to symbolic achievements. A person, in this framework, can conquer a certain social status thanks to the wealth that he accumulated in recent years or the links he established with powerful individuals.

On the romantic level, a conquest is a man or a woman who is managed to captivate or seduce, achieving their love. The process that is carried out for this purpose is also called conquest: “The last conquest of the actor is a 23-year-old model”, “Tonight I am going to conquer Paula”, “Everything was going well, until the appearance of Marcelo it ruined my conquest ”.

In the same way, we cannot ignore either that Conquista is the name of a town in the province of Córdoba (Spain). It is located about 96 kilometers from the capital, has about 420 inhabitants and is part of the so-called Comarca de Los Pedroches, known for its spectacular pasture and for its denomination of origin of Iberian ham.

The inhabitants of that municipality respond to the name of conquerors and conquests.

Conquest Meanings