Consulting Meanings

The first thing we are going to do is determine the etymological origin of the term query and that means that we realize that it is found in Latin. More precisely, we can establish that it comes from the word consul, which can be translated as “ask for advice.”

The action and effect of consulting is known as a query. The verb allows you to refer to examining a matter with one or more people, looking for data on a subject or asking for advice.

For example: “I ask you a question: do you know how to get to the beach?” , “The child made a query to the president that aroused the laughter of those present”, “A client asked me a question about the service that I could not answer and my boss was furious.

Making a query, in general, is linked to requesting the opinion or instruction of another person. Whoever consults hopes to obtain useful information to satisfy their needs or achieve their objectives. This logic applies to both the simplest consultation (asking the time on the street, finding out how to get to a destination) and the most complex (a professional consultation).

When a person goes to a doctor with a concern, it is also referred to as a consultation. The medical consultation is the time in which the patient is with the professional in a certain space (the office or the home of the person suffering from the health problem), while the doctor offers his opinion and recommends the steps to follow.

Medical consultations must be recorded in a document that has informative, scientific and legal value. This document, which is part of the patient’s medical history, records the actions of the doctor.

However, within the political sphere, the word at hand is also used. Thus, it is common for it to be established that a specific government (municipal, regional, national…) is going to carry out consultations in order to be able to be clear about the position of the population on a given issue.

Thus, for example, in Spain there is now a strong controversy with the consultation that the Parliament of Catalonia wishes to carry out. And it is that with the same one tries to know what the Catalan citizens think about the possibility that this autonomous community can request and pursue the independence of the country.

A rather tricky issue that is causing conflicts between national and Catalan institutions, as the former consider that this independence is contrary to the Constitution and the latter because they establish that they are a despised region and that they do not respect their interests.

In recent years, due to the rise of the Internet and what would be electronic mail, the term query is commonly used in the following expression: “I’m going to check the mail.” What we are trying to express with it is that we are going to look at our own email account to see if a new message has been received.

In computing, a query is a method that allows access to the data in a database and perform various actions (modify, add, delete information, etc.).