Cosmos Private Technical University

Cosmos Private Technical University (Bolivia)

Cosmos Private Technical University. Bolivian institution belonging to Higher Education. It is an innovative university, with a national and international vision and an entrepreneurial spirit, but above all, committed to Bolivian society and the world.


The Cosmos UNITEPC Private Technical University is a Higher Education Institution, legally established and protected by article 94 of the Political Constitution of the Plurinational State of Bolivia.

On March 8, 1993, a group of intellectuals approved the Foundation Act of the “Cosmos Private Technical University Civil Association”, with legal address in the city of Cochabamba and its first Organic Statute that was approved by the Ministry of Education and obtained Ministerial Resolution No. 527 dated April 6, 1993, which contains seven programs that were recognized by the Bolivian State through Supreme Decree 215450 dated March 10, 1995.

On May 27, 2002, UNITEPC was awarded the Full University recognition under Ministerial Resolution No. 143/02.


Contribute to the sustainable development of the country and the world through scientific and technological research, innovative forms of production and the training of socially responsible, proactive professionals, researchers and leaders with critical capacity, who help the development of cultural diversity, social justice, democratic coexistence and prosperity


To be a university of national and international projection, capable of satisfying needs of high strategic priority in professional training, with a vocation to serve the intercultural community in areas of importance for comprehensive, sustainable, scientific and technological development, implementing quality educational processes. and fairness

Degrees and diplomas


Health sciences exact sciences and technology legal, social and political sciences financial administrative sciences


  • odontology
  • Health
  • Physiotherapy and kinesiology
  • Business management
  • Humanities
  • Social management and communication
  • lawand politics
  • vet
  • engineering

Cosmos Private Technical University