Cruise Meanings

The term cruise has multiple meanings, but nowadays it is customary to associate the notion with the recreational trip that is made by boat and offers different scales.

In general, these voyages are pleasant activities that take place in luxury boats where the attention is personalized and the services are refined and exclusive.

For its part, the Navy sector makes use of the word to apply it to the warship that is characterized by having great speed and radius of action, which can be presented, based on the particularities that it exhibits, as a light cruiser., heavy cruiser, protected cruiser, armored cruiser and battle cruiser.

Nor can it fail to mention that, as contemplated by the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ), the word cruise has been designated to baptize the stone cross fixed on a platform with steps that is located at the crossroads and in the atria. Over time, it has also been accepted that this term be included in the vocabulary of the field of architecture to refer to the space where the main nave of a church joins the transept.

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The wide variety of meanings of this concept gives rise to numerous alternatives of use, since it is correct to apply it both in expressions such as “The cruise passengers were not injured after the ship collided with another ship” and “I love to travel the world through of cruisers” but also in phrases such as “The city museum exhibits a battle cruiser dating from 1911” or “With the missile launcher cruiser it was possible to shoot down the enemy”.

Many luxury cruise ships offer extensive leisure offers to their passengers, which is why this means of maritime transport is among the most popular. It is worth mentioning that some of the ships are large and have the amenities of a shopping center, or rather a small floating neighborhood.

Below we will see the main characteristics of some of the largest cruise ships worldwide:

* Oasis : is a class of ships belonging to the Royal Caribbean International company, which has one called Oasis of the Seas and another called Allure of the Seas. The first sailed the seas for the first time in 2009 and her brother, a year later. These are the two largest passenger ships in the world, with a length of 361.8 meters and powered by eight diesel engines capable of exceeding 41 km/h. In addition, each one can accommodate 6,296 people and has five swimming pools, mini-golf, nightclubs, climbing walls, casinos and an amphitheater, among other attractions;

* Norwegian Epic : opened in 2010, it is a ship belonging to the Norwegian Cruise Line and covers European and Caribbean routes. She has 19 decks and enough capacity for 5,183 passengers. The length of her, also slightly shorter than that of the Oasis twins, is 329.4 meters. Thanks to its six diesel-electric motors and the same number of thrusters, the maximum speed of this beast of the sea is 37.4 km/h. One of its main facilities is the Epic Theater auditorium, which has 681 seats;

* Freedom : is the class of the three ships that rank third in size worldwide, and their names are Freedom, Independence and Liberty, all finished in of the Seas, and the first of them was launched on the market in the year 2006. Its length measures 338.9 meters and a combination of six diesel engines plus three ABB Azipod units and four bow thrusters allows them to travel at 40 km/h. Regarding its capacity, it can transport 4,375 people and its attractions include a surf simulator, a solarium, an ice skating rink and a boxing ring.