Demolition Meanings

In Latin is where the etymological origin of the term demolition that now concerns us is found. It exactly comes from “demolition”, which is the result of the sum of two well-differentiated components:

-The prefix “de-”, which means “from top to bottom”.

-The noun “moles”, which can be translated as “mass”.

Demolition is the act and consequence of demolishing. This verb, meanwhile, alludes to tear down, devastate or devastate. For example: “The demolition of the old hotel will take place next Tuesday”, “The provincial government is considering the demolition of the historic bridge to build a more modern structure”, “The American boxer won by demolition and regained the belt”.

It can be said that demolition is the antonym of construction: while building implies erecting a structure (a building, a dam, a tunnel, etc.), demolishing implies destroying it. A demolition, therefore, renders something that was previously built null and void by ceasing to exist.

The demolition of a building can be developed in different ways according to the characteristics of the work. Bulldozers, cranes with a wrecking ball, excavators, and other machines may be employed. In some cases, the demolition is accomplished with explosives to achieve an implosion.

Demolition is usually decided when there is a risk of collapse of the structure or when the building will no longer be used. If an earthquake affects a house whose roof and walls could fall at any moment, its demolition can be carried out to avoid an accident.

In any case, to carry out a demolition it is necessary to have the permission of the relevant authority and a team of professionals specialized in this work to avoid human, material or natural damage.

In a symbolic sense, a demolition consists of the destruction of something. A journalist can affirm that the president of a country was in charge of the demolition of the social policies of his predecessor since he canceled programs and took measures contrary to those decided by the previous president.

In the same way, we cannot ignore the fact that this word has been used in the world of culture in general to shape the titles of books, songs or movies. Precisely among the latter is the film “Demolition”, which is American and was released in 2015.

Jean-Marc Vallée is the director of this feature film, starring actors such as Jake Gyllenhaal, Chris Cooper, Naomi Watts and Judah Lewis. It falls within the drama genre and tells the story of an important successful executive who suffers the loss of his wife in a car accident. A tragedy that leaves him so blocked that he spends his time in shock and assembling and disassembling all the objects that he has at his fingertips.

However, with the help of his father-in-law and a mother and son he will meet, he will recover again, accept the loss he has experienced and face the course that lies ahead.