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Flat Shoes Meanings

Are you out and about in high heels or pumps all day ? Then your feet hurt once in the evening. Flat shoes are also chic and modern. They have an even footbed, which means that the foot is not forced into an unnatural position. Comfortable and convenient, flat women’s or flat men’s shoes ensure a comfortable fit. Especially if you walk a lot, you will hardly be able to walk in the evening because of pain and blisters. Flat women’s shoes and flat men’s shoes should not be missing in any shoe cabinet. The selection of models and colors is gigantic. It is not that easy to find. We would be happy to guide you through the world of flat shoes. Follow PaulFootwear for Chinese suppliers of women’s flats.

Whether for a party or for a stroll through town – there are flat shoes for every occasion

Shoes, trendy sneakers, Loafer, flip-flops and sandals, Budapest and slippers – the selection of flat shoes is confusing. It is not exactly easy to make the right decision for yourself or to find something suitable for your own outfit.

But one thing is certain: with a flair for fashion and a desire for something comfortable , the choice of flat shoes will bring many advantages. Because shoes without heels are ideal everyday companions that can be used for any activity.

We would like to introduce you to a small selection of flat shoes with this overview:

Type Description
Sneaker Sneaker shoes, which were worn as sneakers decades ago, are very sporty and are among the most comfortable flat shoes.
Ballerinas Ballerinas were based on ballet shoes – a very special variant of women’s shoes, simple or with cute accents. Timeless with a round cap Ballerinas go well with delicate fluttering or summer dresses. Models that taper to the front are multifunctional shoes that are currently considered modern.
Slingbacks Flat women’s shoes without the typical stiletto heel are the alternative to classic ballerinas, down-to-earth and very feminine the toe makes the leg appear much longer the elegant shape looks chic even with a cocktail dress.
Babouches The women’s flat shoes with pointed toe caps that immediately remind of Aladdin are absolutely trendy and cool. Flat women’s shoes in oriental style in all imaginable colors, with exciting embroidery and decorations.
Sandals Absolute classics in summer for women, men and children with straps, laces or no frills as flat shoes with a skirt, an airy dress or trousers.
Espadrilles These are flat women’s shoes with a sole made of braided raffia. Light materials as the upper material, such as linen, are particularly suitable for casual outfits. Disadvantage: you should not get into the rain with these shoes, as raffia has the property of swelling in water.
Slipper Flat men’s shoes are very popular as they save the hassle of tying shoes very comfortable flat men’s shoes are, among other things, loafers or moccasins Loafers made of patent leather in high quality go perfectly with a business outfit, sporty-looking slippers combined with jeans and a logo shirt.

What do you have to consider with the sizes?

If you measure your feet yourself, allow for at least half a centimeter for your toes. Otherwise, the same standards apply here as for other shoes. A tip for espadrilles: the thin outer fabric can widen, with one size smaller the shoes won’t fall off your feet, even after wearing them several times.
Leading brands of flat shoes include:

  • Tamaris
  • Tommy Hilfinger
  • LaShoe
  • floor
Ladies Men’s Children
36 (3 inch) 40 (6 inch) 27 (9 inch)
36.5 (3.5 inch) 40.5 (6.5 inches) 27.5 (9.5 inches)
37 (4 inch) 41 (7 inch) 28 (10 inch)
37.5 (4.5 inches) 41.5 (7.5 inches) 29 (10.5 inches)
38 (5 inch) 42 (8 inch) 30 (11 inch)
38.5 (5.5 inches) 42.5 (8.5 inches) 30.5 (11.5 inches)
39 (6 inch) 43 (9 inch) 31 (12 inch)
39.5 (6.5 inches) 43.5 (9.5 inches) 31.5 (12.5 inches)
40 (7 inch) 44 (10 inch) 32 (13 inch)
40.5 (7.5 inches) 44.5 (10.5 inches) 33 (14 inch)
41 (8 inch) 45 (11 inch) 33.5 (1 inch)
41.5 (8.5 inches) 46 (12 inch) 34 (1.5 inch)
42 (9 inch) 34.5 (2 inch)
35 (2.5 inch)
36 (3 inch)

On which occasions can flat shoes be worn?

Both women’s and men’s flat shoes can be worn on any occasion. Due to the many variants and models, the right pair can be found for every occasion.
For example, delicate strappy sandals are ideal for a wedding. As a wedding guest, you cut a fine figure in flat sandals in summer. In addition, you can dance carefree with sandals or ballerinas until the early hours of the morning.

For a bride in a simple dress, for example, flat bridal shoes with glittering rhinestones are the shiny finish. It is absolutely in to decorate simple design and transparent fabrics with sparkling stones. Hand-decorated models that look really classy are particularly high-quality. Chic ballerinas can also be wonderfully combined with a dress.
Flat shoes in classic colors with floral embroidery are romantic. These shoes look elegant and modern at the same time. Flat shoes with an evening dress are currently all the rage. Seldom has there been such a large selection of elegant, festive shoes in a flat version. Elegant men’s flat shoes go perfectly with business suits. Have you studied the offers and found out which models are the best flat shoes for your needs?

Buying shoes cheaply – in specialist shops or in the flat shoes sale?

Before you buy flat shoes, you should of course do a price comparison. Nothing is better suited to this than the Internet. Often times, you can incorporate one or the other experience of other buyers into your decision. If it is now time to buy, you have the option of looking in a shoe store near you, for example Deichmann. The choice is quite limited here.

Another option is to order cheap flat shoes in the online shop, such as Otto or Zalando. You can buy high-quality flat shoes at reduced prices in the men’s or women’s shoes sale. There may still be shipping costs in the flat shoes sale.

Advantages and disadvantages of flat shoes

  • Flat shoes women look particularly good on tall, slender women with long legs
  • large selection
  • can now be combined with almost anything
  • partly lack of support
  • Misalignments can lead to problems
  • Pain with insufficient foot muscles, as this is particularly required in flat shoes

Tip: It is best not to put all your feet on flat shoes, but wear a different pair every day, sometimes with no heels – and sometimes going barefoot!

Flat Shoes