Folder Meanings

From the French carpette which, in turn, derives from the English carpet, a folder is a stationery made of cardboard or plastic that, thanks to folds, ribbons and rubber bands, allows you to store or order documents, papers, drawings, etc. Another similar use of the notion of a folder refers to a kind of large portfolio that is used to write on it and store papers.

For example: “Can you help me find the invoice folder? I want to see how much we paid for electricity last month ”, “ The lawyer arrived with a folder full of complaints ”, “ Tell the accountant to bring the folder with the last year’s balances ”.

When it comes to getting a folder to store documents of various kinds, you have to know that a stationery store can buy a wide variety of models in this regard. However, among the most common are the following:
• Those that are closed with rubber bands.
• Those with a clip.
• Those that have clamps, which are usually made of plastic and that retain those papers that have perforations on the sides.
• The filing type, which are very useful for storing important volumes of information inside a filing cabinet.

The folder can therefore be used in a home or business to store and classify papers. In a home, a person can use a folder to keep proof of payment for services and taxes. A company, for its part, can appeal to a folder for storing all the contracts it has established with its customers.

It is common for students to use folders to keep sheets of paper and write on them. The folders can be divided into different sectors according to the subject or subject: language, mathematics, natural sciences, etc.

In recent years, in some countries like Spain, a colloquial term carpetera has emerged. This is the name given to teenagers who have an idol, be it a singer or a television celebrity, and who not only carry photographs of him in their folders to go to school but also defend him above all else when he arises some criticism.

In addition to all the above we would have to emphasize that in Cuba the term folder is used with another meaning. Specifically, in that country that word is used to refer to what the reception of a hotel is.

The fabric cover that protects some furniture is also known in some countries, such as folder: “Please support the glass on the folder to avoid damaging the wood of the table”, “I have to wash the folder the desktop as it is very dirty ”.

Within the world of technology, it should be noted that the Dropbox platform offers the user the possibility of having what has been called Public Folder. Thanks to it, people who wish to have the possibility to see the files that are included in it as well as to be able to download them.

In computing, the concept of folder is used to name the directory that contains various files: “If you want to see the photos, I saved them in the Vacation folder.