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Gladiator Sandals Meanings

Sandals are among the classics of summer clothing and, in their diverse designs, are definitely one of the most versatile representatives of summer shoes. Besides strappy sandals , Flip Flops -Sandals and models plateau or wedge heel, especially the gladiator sandals a fashionable trend, and by its unusual shape is a real eye-catcher. The gladiator sandal, which is also sold under the name Roman sandal, basically consists of a flat sole that is fastened by means of various ribbons and straps that can be wrapped around the foot, ankle or even larger parts of the leg.

A trend from ancient Rome on the catwalks of modern times

The gladiator sandal is considered to be one of the oldest versions of footwear and was not only worn by the eponymous arena fighters, the gladiators, in ancient Rome, but by the entire population. Follow PaulFootwear for Chinese suppliers of men’s sandals. Both men, women and children wore this nifty variant of sandals , which was then known as Calceus and consisted of a simple sole and leather straps that were wrapped around the foot and lower leg. Even then, a distinction was made between women’s and men’s models:

While the women’s models were made of softer and partially colored leather , the shoes for the men could be made of firmer and coarser, generally natural materials. At that time, however, the number of straps was not a matter of personal taste, as it is today, but rather indicated the social rank and position of the wearer. The nails that were common at the time, which were driven into the sole to provide more support and surefootedness, have now disappeared, but the popularity of gladiator sandals remains.

A few years ago, the designs with heels were particularly popular, but now more and more flat models are coming to the fore, which with their particularly high lacing up to below the knee make for an attractive sight.

Numerous international stars keep the trend high, as do the really big labels, such as:

  • McQueen
  • Chloé
  • Valentino
  • Isabel Marant
  • Laurance Dacade
  • Gianvito Rossi

The designs of the new Roman sandals are much more playful than their predecessors from ancient Rome. In addition to the traditional lacing straps, larger decorative elements made of leather, fringes, rivets and rhinestones can also be used. The flat sole is still very popular, but variants with a wedge heel or platform sole are also available for purchase. Little has changed in the material used. High-quality leather is still the most popular material, but cheaper options such as synthetic leather are also used.

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Founding year 1959 1952 2006
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New trend in a variety of designs – shoes for Roman gladiators

In ancient Rome, sandals were considered adequate footwear not only for Roman gladiators, but also for men, women and children in general, today Roman sandals are mostly offered in women’s fashion. Models for men are less common and are often part of the equipment items used by suppliers of carnival supplies. However, these models are by no means high-quality footwear, but rather costume requirements that are made from inexpensive synthetic materials.

Tip! In the field of women’s fashion, however, the gladiator sandal has gained a firm place among summer shoes and is one of the hottest sandal designs.

Here the sandals are offered in all common sizes and fits, often also in children’s sizes for fashion-savvy girls. The toe cap is usually round, the lacing is either ankle or knee high, depending on the designer and model. Soft suede in various colors ensures a comfortable fit. Depending on the height of the shaft, if it is richly decorated, it can also be closed with a zipper on the inside of the leg. Flat designs can be found as well as models with wedge heels or block heels and platform soles can also be found. The shaft area can also be closed or open at the heel and variants with a thong can also be found in stores.

Easy to wear and easy to style – the Roman sandal

Usually, terms such as high fashion or elegance are not associated with the sandal footwear. The Roman sandal changes this very impressively. Due to the diverse design options , laced very high or low along the leg, flat or with heel, playful or sober, edgy or classic, this sandal variant offers the eye an unexpected look and goes perfectly with tanned skin.

The lacing skilfully highlights the calves and draws attention to the unusual shape of the shoe and its wearer. This means that even simple summer dresses can be upgraded enormously. The gladiator sandal can be combined in many ways. Whether with light jeans and a simple blouse or a wide swinging summer dress, the Roman sandal blends harmoniously into the overall picture and is also a little eye-catcher.

The versions with heels can also be worn on more festive occasions and look elegant, attractive and unusual in the colors gold or silver.

Tip! If you want to put yourself and your legs in the limelight, Roman sandals are the shoes of your choice in the warm summer months! With the matching decorations such as rivets or fringes, the sandals can be styled both rocky and sexy and round off any evening outfit. You are also welcome to deviate from the classic color range and choose gaudy tones instead of black, brown or white.

Roman sandals size chart

Ladies 36 (3 inch) 36.5 (3.5 inch) 37 (4 inch) 37.5 (4.5 inches) 38 (5 inch) 38.5 (5.5 inches) 39 (6 inch) 43.5 (9.5 inches) 40 (7 inch) 40.5 (7.5 inches) 41 (8 inch) 41.5 (8.5 inches) 42 (9 inch)
Men’s 40 (6 inch) 40.5 (6.5 inches) 41 (7 inch) 41.5 (7.5 inches) 42 (8 inch) 42.5 (8.5 inches) 43 (9 inch) 44 (10 inch) 44.5 (10.5 inches) 45 (11 inch) 46 (12 inch)

Advantages and disadvantages of Roman sandals

  • diverse designs
  • suitable for women and children
  • made of high quality leather
  • small selection of men’s models

The Roman sandals in the price comparison – buy gladiator sandals cheap in the sale

The gladiator shoe is still trendy and can be found on the hippest catwalks in the world. Therefore, the selection of hip sandals is bigger than ever. In addition to the really great designers who have their articles made from the finest goatskin and priced at 500 to 700 euros per pair, depending on the design and decorative elements , , shoe manufacturers from the medium and low price segment also offer gladiator sandals.

Here the cheapest models are under 20 euros, while the models from the middle price segment, depending on the material used, are priced between 35 and 100 euros. In the online shop you can buy the Gladiator sandals on account and conveniently make a price comparison before ordering and find the best offers. Often it is also worth buying outside of the summer season , as the gladiator sandals are often offered on sale at particularly low prices. Shipping is usually quite cheap too. Here you can also purchase designer models at reduced prices and on account. So summer can come!

Gladiator Sandals