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Heeled Sandals Meanings

When the sun shows up outside and sends its warming rays to the earth, then it’s time to finally leave your closed shoes in the closet again. Instead, the handle now goes to the sandal – a shoe that has arguably one of the longest histories in the fashion world. The heeled sandals are the first choice for women who like it summery and elegant at the same time.

Fast-forward the history of the sandal

“That was already the case in antiquity” – this saying is made all too often, but this time it is actually true. The sandals are one of the oldest forms of shoes and the name comes from the Greek. Translated it means something like “strap shoe”. In fact, it really wasn’t anything else before. A shoe that is made up of several straps and ensures that air gets to the foot. The main aim was to keep the sole on the foot. What was just a means to an end at the very beginning is now a real classic.

The classic sandal actually has no heel. The heel is a modern invention. If you want to be very specific: sandals with heels are actually sandals. Because when the sandal is mentioned, it is a shoe shape that can be worn by men and women alike. Follow PaulFootwear for Chinese suppliers of women’s sandals.

Over the decades, sandals have seen many changes. While they were one of the most popular footwear among the Greeks and Romans for a long time, there were also times when sandals were downright frowned upon. Open shoes were not welcomed because the feet had to be hidden.

The different shaft variants of sandals with heels

In the case of sandals with heels, there are different options for what the shaft can look like:

  • Inclined belt- origin comes from sub-Saharan Africa
  • Cross strap- origin comes from South America
  • Toe stake- originates from India
  • Baker’s sandal- originated in Europe
  • Thong- comes from Egypt

The baker’s sandal is one of those models that can almost be seen as closed. A lot of fabric or leather is used here, which is only loosened up by small incursions. The heeled sandals with straps are also popular. They look particularly elegant and make the foot look more delicate in summer.

Note! Make sure that the straps of the sandals do not cut into the skin under any circumstances. If the straps sink into the skin, it doesn’t look appealing and it can also cause you pain. Comfortable and stylish is different!

Size chart sandals with heel

Size EU 36 36.5 37 37.5 38 38.5 39 39.5 40 40.5 41 41.5 42
Inch UK 3 3.5 4th 4.5 5 5.5 6th 6.5 7th 7.5 8th 8.5 9

Wide or narrow heels – which is better?

Sandals with heels are of course available in different designs. In general, paragraphs can be distinguished well. From narrow to wide to plateau, everything is included here. Compared to sandals without heels, the shoes with a small elevation are particularly feminine. However, not every woman can walk well on a narrow heel.

An alternative for you are sandals with wide heels. The heel gives you more hold here, but doesn’t look quite as delicate either. If you would like to wear the sandals with heels with your evening dress, then you can opt for a slightly lower but narrow heel.

Tip! Try different heeled sandals and see what works best for you. You can buy many sandals on account and send them back if you don’t like them.

Let off steam with the colors

It’s no secret that not only the design but also the color plays a role in a shoe. You can make your shoe a special eye-catcher with an extraordinary color and ensure that it becomes more of an accessory than anything else. You can call the color black a classic. You never go wrong with black. The sandals with heels in the dark tone harmonize with every color. But of course you can also go in a completely different direction. For example, there are models in:

  • yellow
  • Gray
  • pink
  • Dark blue
  • pink

Especially in the sale it can be worthwhile to take a look at the fancy colors and buy cheap sandals with heels that you might not otherwise have decided on. There’s nothing wrong with trying out a whole new color.

Sandals with heels in pink, for example, go very well with a summery and light dress in white. So you can perfectly accentuate your slightly tanned skin.

Heeled sandals – the big choice

Many manufacturers and designers like to play with colors and patterns. You will therefore find the most varied models in the online shop. Brands like:

  • Tamaris,
  • Buffalo,
  • Tommy Hilfiger and
  • Pier One

offer sandals with heels in a wide variety of styles.

Offers that contain several color gradients are also particularly popular. Light pastel tones or contrasts – such as black and white – make the sandals a beautiful highlight.

Often, even with small accents worked. So it is possible to buy sandals with heels that are decorated with sequins or embroidery. Even unusual heels can ensure that your feet become the focus of the look.

Note: Anything you like is allowed. However, there is the unwritten rule that even sandals with heels should never be worn with socks. Even if it can be seen again and again, such a look doesn’t seem a bit controversial but rather old-fashioned.

Company Tamaris Buffalo Tommy Hilfinger
Founding year 1967 1979 1985
Particularities · extensive styling consultant for accessories· Care instructions for shoes in a knowledge database · Live chat with customer service is available· Free shipping possible · free delivery and returns· the order status can be viewed online at any time

Advantages and disadvantages of heeled sandals

  • many models are very elegant and filigree
  • ideal for warm summer days
  • Also available in bright colors with many decorations
  • not suitable for rainy weather

Buy sandals with heels – hit the sale

You can find cheap sandals with heels mainly on sale. Online you have the option of using a price comparison and looking for offers that have been reduced. Especially in shops where shipping is cheap, it’s worth making not just one but several purchases. So you can save on shipping with the purchase.

Tip! Simply order your sandals with heels against the cycle. Summer is just around the corner and you still need open shoes? In this case, the good offers are rather few and far between. But if you take advantage of the sales after the summer and shop for the next warm days, you can also get expensive brand name shoes cheaply.

Heeled Sandals