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Leather Pumps Meanings

Pumps in themselves are already a classic in shoe fashion, but when they are also made of leather, then classic and elegance are combined with each other. For millennia, leather has been the preferred material for making clothes. Even today it has many positive properties and can ensure a high level of comfort on your foot – even if you might even opt for the pumps with a particularly high heel.

Pumps made of leather – a material is conquering the world of shoes

If you are looking for beautiful pumps and you have set yourself the goal of definitely finding leather shoes here, then pay close attention to the manufacturer’s information. Today, substitutes are the manufacturers’ first choice, especially for shoes that are quite cheap. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get cheap leather pumps too. Still, it’s worth taking a second look. If there is a reference to leather next to the shoes, check whether the upper material is really meant. Of course, a leather sole is also a good thing. However, if the upper is synthetic leather, then your feet will still sweat in it.

It is interesting to know what exactly the advantages of leather pumps are. The list of advantages is long, because real leather scores with many positive properties:

  • It is particularly durable
  • It is particularly tear-resistant
  • adapts to the foot
  • is unique
  • protects against moisture
  • has a natural elasticity
  • Leather is very kind to the skin
  • Leather is windproof
  • It’s breathable

Real leather can therefore have a positive effect on the comfort of a shoe. Of course you are aware that the leather pumps from the online shop are not shoes that are tailored to your foot. Nevertheless, you can do something good for your foot by choosing leather. Real leather is particularly adaptable and can therefore adapt well to your foot. Unlike artificial leather, it is also breathable. Follow PaulFootwear for Chinese suppliers of pumps.

Tip: Especially if your feet tend to sweat quickly , leather should be the first choice when buying shoes. In artificial leather, your foot will sweat very quickly and unpleasant smells can arise.

Leather pumps – from smooth leather to suede

When you talk about pumps made of leather, you may immediately think of the classic pumps made of smooth leather. One of the reasons for this is that this type of leather is of course the one that is processed particularly frequently and is also relatively cheap. In fact, there are also many different types of leather that are also processed. Suede, for example, is also very popular. The slightly roughened surface looks particularly elegant. However, the problem here is that leather pumps made of suede should ideally not get damp. The moisture can leave stains on the leather.

Tip! If your suede shoes do get damp and the marks cannot be removed, you can try a home remedy here. Use clean, warm water and a clean cotton cloth. Dip the cloth in the water and rub the entire shoe. Then stuff the shoe with newspaper and let it dry.

Even with smooth leather shoes, it is sufficient if you use a damp cotton cloth for cleaning and remove the dirt with it. So there are no scratches on the leather.

In addition to suede, you can also choose leather pumps made of snakeskin. The ladies in Hollywood especially love snakeskin. However, today it is rarely used in pumps, as this is not welcomed.

Manufacturer – leather pumps at a high level

Who does not know her? If you’ve dealt a little with leather pumps, you’ve probably heard of the Louboutins. Christian Louboutin is a famous designer of elegant women’s shoes. Its trademark is the red sole on the shoes. However, you will not get the shoes with red soles at really cheap prices even in the sale. You also have a proud price reduced.

But even if you do not want to invest that high amount of money, you do not have to do without leather pumps. Instead, you can also look for cheap offers in the sale or normal sale. Manufacturers such as:

  • Zign
  • Gabor
  • Mint & berry
  • Michal Kors
  • Tamaris
  • Pier One

also offer high-quality pumps made of leather. With the price comparison you can find good deals if you want to buy cheap leather pumps.

Company Pier One Tamaris Gabor Shoes AG
Founding year 2008 1967 1949
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Find the perfect color

Leather is a natural product and therefore it stands to reason that the surface is kept in natural colors. Black is the classic. But black is no longer the only color in which you can buy leather pumps. In the meantime, manufacturers and designers offer many other variants. So you can put the shoes in:

  • White
  • Red
  • blue
  • silver
  • cream
  • Gray
  • Brown

to buy. Which of these colors corresponds to your personal taste, of course, always depends on the type.

Tip! Especially if you like to wear classic fashion, you can also opt for natural designs for shoes.

Advantages and disadvantages of leather pumps

  • long lifetime
  • breathable
  • skin-friendly
  • Suede must not get wet

Leather pumps: they go with them

In principle, you can’t go wrong with buying leather pumps. If you order the shoes, you will have the perfect companion for the most varied of situations in life within a short time. The simple and elegant pumps in black or brown are ideal for a business look, for example.

If you want to give your look a special touch, you can order pumps made of leather in bright colors. If you are unsure whether the color suits you, you can also buy the shoes at a reduced price in the sale and first try out whether the color matches your look. The advantage is: If you order online, you can buy leather pumps on account. When choosing shoes, make sure that shipping is cheap. Sometimes the shoes are even offered with free shipping.

Leather Pumps