New Work 2

New Work Meanings Part II

What are the advantages of New Work that employees benefit from?

For you as a young and modern thinking entrepreneur, New Work can become an important part of your personal marketing and employer marketing. But more on that later. If you believe in this concept and let it live in your company, it will be easier for you to attract qualified employees and promising talents. But you can not only advertise with New Work, you can actually implement it. This creates many advantages for employees from which they can benefit.

Advantages Description
More influence and greater freedom New Work makes possible what many employees want. You give them more freedom in their job. You don’t have to constantly control them and you can also make their own decisions. You also benefit as an employer because, firstly, they develop better and are also significantly more involved. In this way, they make a much better contribution to achieving your company goals.
Working conditions can be adjusted individually It gets boring when an employee only works in the same place and in the same place. With New Work you create flexible workspaces and working environments that fit the tasks of your employees.
Work and family can be better reconciled It can also be a big advantage for you as an entrepreneur if it is easier for your employees to combine work and family. This is a great advantage, especially for employees with children, and an important argument that speaks for you as a possible employer. With the option of decentralized work, the question of career or child / family cannot arise in the first place. With New Work, both are possible.
Strengthen team community To strengthen the community and the ability to work in a team, you don’t have to work together in an office. This is also very possible with decentralized workstations and in most cases even leads to better cooperation. The focus is not on your own tasks, but on working as a team.
Better communication It is typical for New Work that communication does not take place in hierarchies. This means that it is not only you, as the boss, who determine what is done. Rather, there is an open exchange in the form of transparent communication. Everyone can express their opinion, suggestions or objections are examined and ideas are discussed together.

What is the significance of new work for personal marketing and employer branding?

Even in times of new work, security and salary are still very important if you want to attract new employees to your company. But the number of those who place more value on so-called “soft” aspects is increasing. This means that the possibility for home offices to be able to organize their working hours freely and the meaning of the work are becoming more and more important. If you want to operate successful employer branding and personnel marketing, then you have to take these aspects into account. This can also be seen in the fact that personnel marketing 2.0 is becoming more and more important. In other words, communication with potential new employees via social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Linkedln. New Work is still to be seen as a kind of ideal situation, but the economic challenges that you as an entrepreneur will have to face in the future call for you to break new ground. As a young entrepreneur, that shouldn’t be a problem for you. For a long-established company with its rigid structures, New Work may involve risks. At the same time, however, there are also many new opportunities for a large number of innovative processes.

Is there a competitive advantage through New Work?

There are enough opportunities for a competitive advantage . Whether a competitive advantage can be achieved with New Work can basically be answered with a clear yes. But it depends on how you go about it. First of all, for holistic digitization, collaboration and flexibilization are the crucial foundations. You will find a wide variety of knowledge in the minds of your employees. But this knowledge is difficult to transfer if employees each work for themselves in their office according to the old system. So you need a structure that allows for free, innovative and creative thinking. In plain language it means that you have to ensure that your employees have a functioning network. This is the only way to transfer knowledge. At the same time, the topic of skill management is very important to you as an entrepreneur . To do this, you have to ask yourself the following questions.

  • What kind of knowledge does your company have?
  • What skills do your employees have?
  • What should your organization look like in the future and how can you incorporate it into your corporate strategy?
  • How can you use your employees to meet their needs and thereby increase their efficiency at the same time?

Important! Employees who are taken seriously and do the right work for them feel more motivated and happier. This means that employees are also significantly more productive in their work

Criticism of New Work

Too often, New Work is touted as a silver bullet that makes it possible to renew and improve everything that is not going well in the world of work. Many critics complain that New Work puts too much focus on the employee. New work models and opportunities, satisfied and happy employees, work tailored to the needs of employees. Many therefore ask themselves what it is like to achieve better performance and more productivity. Can that really be achieved with New Work? It cannot be denied that, in addition to many advantages, there are also problems and difficulties with New Work. New Work is definitely a good concept that the future also belongs to. But as an entrepreneur you also have to know that the implementation and introduction is not just a good organization, but also requires good coordination. If this is not the case, New Work will turn into real chaos for you.

The biggest point of criticism is based on the question of whether a company becomes more successful in the market through New Work. It is quite understandable and also makes sense to put the employees more in the foreground. This undoubtedly ensures more satisfaction and therefore more motivation. But when it comes to new work, one crucial factor is often lost. That factor is looking at the situation in the market and looking at the customer. To be clear and precise. A company is only successful if its customers are also satisfied . It is of little use if you have satisfied and happy employees, but your customers turn to the competition in droves.


New Work is still a kind of utopia. But it cannot be denied that some parts of this utopia have already found their way into today’s working world and many companies. Today it is not yet possible for everyone to do what they would like to do. There are still a large number of companies that are very successful in the market according to old structures with clear hierarchies. But here too the system is crumbling, albeit slowly. However, it can be said that companies have to adapt to this change. Both the world of life and the world of work are changing at a rapid pace. Those who do not adapt here will no longer be able to keep up with the market in the long term.

New Work 2