What are Rainbow Colors

Rainbow Colors Meanings

What are Rainbow Colors?

The colors of the rainbow are seven: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet , presenting three primary, two secondary and two tertiary colors.

A rainbow is a multi-colored arc caused by an optical phenomenon that, through the refraction of sunlight on water droplets suspended in the air, forms a spectrum with different colors. This is why the rainbow usually appears after the rain.

The rainbow effect can be observed whenever there are water droplets in the air, and especially when sunlight falls above the observer’s position.

The first to try to decompose light was the French philosopher and physicist René Descartes, obtaining only two colors: blue and red.

For his part, the physicist Isaac Newton, using a pair of prisms, concluded that white light could be broken down into seven main bands of colors (in analogy to the seven days of the week or the seven musical notes). In a rainbow, water droplets act as prisms, and this is why this optical effect is created.

In psychology, colors influence the individual, since they cause a brain reaction depending on the color in question. For example: there are colors that manage to calm the individual, as is the case of the color pink.

For its part, the red color causes excitement and energy. In conclusion, each color produces effects on brain neurotransmitter substances.

In English, the expression rainbow is translated as rainbow .

Meaning of the colors of the rainbow

The colors of the rainbow always appear in the same order and each one has its own meaning:

  • Red: symbolizes passion, love and life; It can also convey feelings of aggressiveness.
  • Orange: it is a color that helps transmit positive energy, which means prosperity, vitality, enthusiasm and joy.
  • Yellow: expresses joy, happiness, fortune; it is a color that sparks inspiration and creativity.
  • Green: it is a color that shows hope, peace, balance, health, vitality and confidence; on the other hand, it symbolizes nature, growth, renewal and fulfillment.
  • Blue: represents tranquility, calm, harmony and spiritual peace; likewise, it is a color that is associated with monotony and depression.
  • Indigo: it is a color that communicates sincerity, respect, individuality; Also, it symbolizes fantasies and dreams.
  • Violet: it is a color linked to the spiritual and magical world, it provides the purification of the body and the mind; it is also a color that connects with peace and the search for inner balance.

Rainbow according to the Bible

In the Bible, the rainbow is also called the “covenant bow” or “God’s bow”. In Genesis 9: 8-15, it is related that, after the flood, God, Noah and all the surviving beings of the ark formed an alliance thanks to which there would be no more floods on Earth, and that the rainbow that would appear in the Heaven would be the symbol that God would use to remind them of that covenant.

God says: “This is the sign of the covenant that I establish between you and me, and with every living being that is with you, for perpetual generations: I put my bow in the clouds, which will serve as a sign of the covenant between the earth and When I cloud the earth, the bow will appear in the clouds, and I will remember the alliance between you and me, and with all living beings, with all flesh, and the waters will no longer be a deluge that destroys all flesh. “( Genesis 9: 12-15).

Rainbow flag

The rainbow flag, also known as the LGBT flag, has been the representation of the gay and lesbian community since the late 1970s. The flag was designed by Gilbert Baker and popularized in 1978. It was originally presented with eight stripes, but it underwent modifications until we get to the one we currently know: a flag with six stripes of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, each with its own meaning.

Taking into account the above, red means life, orange is healing, yellow symbolizes the sun, green represents nature, blue is harmony, and finally, the violet color characterizes the spirit.

What are Rainbow Colors