Rampage Meanings

In Latin is where the etymological origin of the word chaos that concerns us now is found, since it is the result of the union of two different parts:

-The prefix “des-“, which comes to indicate “negation” or reversal of the action.

-The noun “mater”.

Desmadre is a colloquial term that is used in several regions to refer to the act and consequence of going on a rampage: acting without control or respect, losing sanity and sometimes even dignity. See Abbreviation Finder for acronyms related to Rampage.

A rampage, therefore, can consist of an excess or an exaggeration in actions or in sayings. For example: “The discussion, at first, developed in good terms, but then the insults and the rampage began”, “When the striker spat at his rival, the rampage began”, “I will not tolerate your rampage”.

Many times the idea of ​​chaos is used as a synonym for lack of control: “The deputy denounced a chaos in the administration of the resources of the state airline”, “There cannot be a chaos in the conduct of the security forces”, “The new administration will try to fix the mess left by the previous management “.

A rampage can also be a spree or a party that goes on wildly: “The rampage ended with dozens of drunken youths”, “My bachelor party was a rampage: I woke up naked in a park without remembering how I got there”, “ Tomorrow I will celebrate my birthday with a very quiet meeting, it won’t be a riot or anything like that “.

The word desmadre appears in several translations made in Spain of the titles of American films. In this sense we can mention “Todo sobre mi desmadre” (“Get Him to the Greek”, known in Latin America as “Misión Rockstar”) and “Desmadre a la americana” (“Colegio de animas” in Latin America and “National Lampoon’s Animal House” in its original language).

However, the list of films that use the word in question in their title is completed with others such as “Desmadre”, which premiered in 2012 under the direction of Juan Pablo Martínez and Jazmín Stuart. It revolves around a 19-year-old girl who grew up without her father and with an absent mother, so she lives in a constant party.

However, everything will change when her mother returns to Buenos Aires and they have to live together again. And that will create very difficult situations between the two.

In the same way, there is also the American comedy “El gran desmadre. Bad mothers 2”. It premiered in 2017, is directed by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore and has a cast made up of actresses such as Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn.

It revolves around the lives of three mothers who face the preparations for the arrival of Christmas and that means organizing a party that everyone enjoys. All at the same time that they will also have to live with and take care of their own parents. Circumstances that will make them spend a very different and picturesque Christmas.