Shoe Double Monk Strap Meermin Review Complete

The shoe monk strap was very much in fashion these last few years. You just need to look at the by sophie american and accompany photos of street style of the fairs Pitti Uomo to see that he became one of the footwear more popular for those who like style.

Shoe Double Monk Strap Meermin Review Complete

The double monk strap is a variation with two buckles, a men’s shoe super traditional that was a little bit forgotten, and so gained an air of distinguished, out of the ordinary. Until recently, you only found a monk strap decent brands luxury shoe shops the most renowned of the market.

Thanks to the Italian designer of the photos of street style and the first “fashionistas” who have adopted the style, the monk strap has gained popularity and now finally started to go down to the fashion in the mass and to appear in non-traditional marks. The problem with this variety of options is that it is more difficult to separate who is right who only wants to ride the wave.

A brand you can trust is the Spanish Meermin. She has the best cost / benefit ratio of the time for shoes with a construction goodyear welted, the most robust among all the ways of making shoes in the factory. The model of the shoe monk strap they sell has quality, a format balanced, and comfort.

I spent a lot of time looking for a shoe in this style with affordable price and was in the Meermin that I finally found. Now that my shoe arrived in the post and had time to use, I want to share my impressions of this great option for those who want an EXCELLENT shoe.

Shoes Double Monk Strap

Clothes and men’s shoes always has some romantic history, and utilitarian behind. It is no different with the shoe double monk strap. No one knows for sure how this model emerged but the theory most popular is that the shoe is an evolution of the sandals with two buckles that monks calçavam in the fifteenth century. Legend has it, that a gentleman English repaired the sandal and took the idea to England.

A double monkstrap is one of the most beautiful and elegant shoes a man can have. The main feature are the two buckles on the side that the Italians like to leave open. This carelessness intentional is to display sprezzatura, an air of cool and modern that has everything to do with the current moment, where the old and the new mingle.

Monk jumpers are more affordable, but they are still shoes are difficult to find. End up restricted to the luxury brands and therefore the options are very few. Fortunately, there is the Meermin!

The Meermin

The Meermin is a brand of shoes the Spanish that belongs to José and Sandro Albaladejo. The proposal is to offer shoes goodyear welted or palmilhados with affordable prices through efficiency in production.

The two founders belong to a family with tradition in manufacturing shoes. They founded the Meermin when they noticed the increase in the demand for classics with a high level of quality. The most surprising was that of the young, which they bought shoes, with values much above the average because they wanted a product really good.

The Meermin has two lines of product, separated by the technical level of manufacturing:

  • The line of shoes normal, which is already excellent and better than any brand of Brazil, it is made with construction goodyear welted. I explained what this is in a post about how shoes are made.
  • The line Conductor, which is made with raw materials of even better manufacturing techniques and higher. The shoes in this line are palmilhados hand. Usually only those who make bespoke shoes manufactures as well.

To lower the price of the shoes Meermin bought a factory in China and trained the employees. They learned to make shoes hand lasted (the leather is shaped in the form manually) with construction goodyear. This chinese factory assembles the leather, it puts in the way, makes the first step of the seam and to send the shoe back to Spain, where they put the soles and make the palmilhado manual.

The shoes monkstraps from Meermin has the best cost benefit of the market. The construction is the same shoe two times more expensive, and the leather also.

The Shoe Double Monkstrap of the Meermin

Still only used a few times, but I was surprised with the comfort of your home, even with the construction of goodyear.

The shape of the shoe is pretty. The format is balanced, neither too round nor too pointy. I do not like when the nose of the shoe is very low, without format and too short the nozzle in this way Meermin that has a nice curve when viewed from the side.

The site of the Meermin list the name of the tannery that made the leather of each one of the shoes and is the only provider first. The leather that chose is the brown granules. I chose this leather because it was the most casual of the site. Do not use very suit and I think with this option I will have more ease of use with jeans and pants married with blazers sports.

The lining is soft leather, very comfortable. The insole assembly is made of leather, with a padded insole at the heel. For me that’s enough. The touch of leather on the insole assembly is very good and with the time it takes the shape of your foot.

How it is done in the construction of goodyear there is a layer of cork between the insole assembly and the outsole. This layer gives extra comfort and helps the leather to take the shape of your foot. In the beginning it may not be as soft when a super EVA insole, but improves with time and never loses the comfort, created especially for your foot.

The outsole of the shoe monk strap of Meermin is leather and rubber. Almost chose the all leather but I intend to walk a lot with it. I found that this combination of rubber is discreet and makes a good middle ground between the casual and the social. The rubber is firm but soft. The jump is reinforced by studs.

The detail of the buckles is different, but it’s enough to wear with jeans and take on the side the eccentric.

How To Buy

The Meermin has physical stores in Spain that I visited and I took many photos but I bought this shoe over the internet. Also I have to buy the other two models, a derby leather grainy and the other in suede leather.

I got in touch by email to make my request and I was soon answered by the own José “Pepe”.

Who did the service was Sandro. They advised me about measures, sizes and all other questions.

It was very cool to order a product of two people who know so much and are super willing to help.

As we are outside the Euro zone we have an 18% discount on the price that is on the site because we do not pay VAT.

Those who go to Madrid you should visit the store of them. As it does not hurt to look at, it’s also worth to have a look at the site or on the Tumblr of the Meermin to admire the good taste of the brand.

More Photos

Guys… these pictures I took long time ago when I had no camera and when the blog had a smaller format images. I have much love for this post and this shoe and so I decided to come back here to complete the text with a few better pictures of more shoes double monkstrap from Meermin.