Sneakers Meanings

There is sure to be a pair of sneakers in your shoe closet. Because sneakers are more popular than ever with the majority of society. Sneakers are comfortable, trendy and look great. Likewise, sneakers are widely accepted by the population as everyday and leisure shoes and they can be worn for almost any occasion. Only on official occasions and at work should you be a little more careful with wearing sneakers. There are sneakers for men, women and children in black and of course in all other colors and patterns. In addition to the normal sneaker models, there are also sneakers with wedge heels or sneaker wedges, high sneaker and of course white sneakers. The best way to buy sneakers is in the online shop or on sale. Because there are always good offers there. Find out more before buying sneakers with the help of the sneaker test as well as with experiences and recommendations from other customers about the current prices and models.

The sneaker recommendations reveals everything about the trend shoe

The literal translation of sneaker is “Schleicher” and in English it includes the term for sports shoes. It does not matter whether the shoes are worn during sport or in leisure time. In German usage, on the other hand, sneakers are sporty-looking shoes that are not intended for sport, but rather are worn in leisure time and in everyday life and should look good. Sneakers are made according to the so-called Oxford cut. The bottom of the shoes consists of several layers of plastic that are placed on top of each other, which creates good cushioning for the shoe. Many sneaker models have an insole in the front of the shoe above the insole, which ensures a better shoe climate. The outsole of sneakers is very similar to the outsole of a sports shoe. It is also abrasion-resistant, made of rubber and has a light profile. The shaft of a sneaker is usually made of synthetic fibers. The noble sneakers are an exception here. These are made from high quality leather. Follow PaulFootwear for Chinese suppliers of sneakers.

Sneakers are shoes for everyone and they are available in every price segment. In the low-cost and middle-cost area you will find fashionable sneakers, wedges, sneaker high models and sneakers white models from inexpensive to medium-priced. The situation is different in the premium segment. Noble sneakers made of high quality leather are sold there. There are sneaker models for women as well as models for men and children. In terms of price, there are no limits to the offers. Depending on the offer, you can get sneakers from cheap to expensive. Well-known manufacturers of sneakers, high sneakers, white sneakers and sneakers with wedge heel models include:

  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Paul Green
  • esprit
  • puma
  • Asics

Sneakers in the office?

With the classic business look , almost everyone associates a suit with high-quality leather shoes for men and a classic costume with elegant pumps for women. But in the meantime some sneaker models have also become suitable for the office. The assumption is, of course, that the company in which you work does not have a strict dress code. High-quality leather sneakers look almost as good as classic office shoes if they are well cared for. For men, sneakers for the office are in dark, inconspicuous colors with also dark soles recommendable. It is also important that the sneakers are made of leather. Women, on the other hand, should definitely not do without pumps at important meetings. But to give your feet a break, women in the office can also wear classy sneakers. The same applies here: dark colors, simple and, if possible, made of leather. So the top priority in the office is: do without white sneakers or other sneaker models in eye-catching colors such as red, green, gold and silver.

company Adidas AG Nike esprit
founding year 1949 1964 1968
particularities · specialized in sportswear· internationally active · Personalization of certain shoe models possible· Free delivery from 50 € order value · Lookbook with different outfits· internationally active

Stylish sneaker models for women

In addition to boots , high heels and platform pumps , according to experience reports, sneakers are one of the most popular types of shoes for women. Women’s sneaker models are characterized by the many different designs. Women’s sneaker models are available in colors such as white, black, red, gray, gold and silver. The materials also vary. From fabric to leather, with or without glitter, everything is included in the women’s sneaker models.

For women there is not only the classic shape of the sneaker but also slightly modified models. In addition to sneaker slippers, there are also so-called sneaker wedges. Sneaker wedges are sneakers with a wedge heel. Women also like to wear high-top sneaker models. Here the shaft of the sneakers extends to above the ankle.

From croquet shoes to sneakers

In 1860, the first pair of sports shoes were produced in the USA and England at around the same time. These had a shaft made of linen and a flexible sole made of rubber. First and foremost, the shoe was more of a croquet shoe than a sneaker. The colored line that ran along the sole was typical of this new shoe model. Almost 60 years later, in 1917, the US Rubber Company launched the Keds. The Keds were initially designed for children only, but grew rapidly in popularity with adults. With the introduction of the Converse All Stars in 1919 came the first breakthrough for today’s sneakers. The Converse All Stars are still one of the most popular sneakers today.

Thanks to advertising specialist Henry Nelson McKinney , who created the name because of the quiet running noise (sneak = to sneak). The teen idol of the 1950s, James Dean, ultimately made the sneakers a bestseller when he was photographed with sneakers. The younger generation at the time wore sneakers as a sign of protest in order to lift themselves from the adult culture and from the rest of society.

Tip! From 1980 until today, the sporty shoe model has become firmly anchored in society as a leisure shoe.

Advantages and disadvantages of the sneakers

  • comfortable
  • different designs
  • available from many manufacturers
  • big price differences

Buy sneakers at low prices in the online shop

It doesn’t matter whether you want to buy women’s sneaker models, sneakers with wedge heels or sneaker wedges or high-top sneakers , in the online shop and in the sale you have the best selection of sneakers, some even at reduced prices. Check out test report summaries to the individual models and make a price comparison before ordering your favorites.

Tip! Also, don’t forget to check out the shop’s terms and conditions for shipping and payment. In some shops you even have the opportunity to buy cheap sneakers on account.