Gladiator Sandal: The Star of Your Look

Gladiator Sandal The Star of Your Look

She is extremely stylish and came to stay. It is not now that they are part of the windows of several footwear stores and collections of the largest brands in the market. The gladiator sandal can leave a simple look in something of prominence and style. You can find it of various designs and colors. How to use the Gladiator Sandal The gladiator sandal looks good on the most diverse looks, but of…

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Fashionable Boots for Cold Weather

“I love shoes. I’m not a fetishist, but yes, I love shoes!”- Karl Lagerfeld Boots, ankle boots, booties, rubber boots and otherwise all are an essential building block for the outfits of the colder days! You are simply moving away and not to think! But which ones are the shoe trends this season? Each of you would like to make a nice figure in the favorite look in the autumn…

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