Vatican City Country Facts

Citta del Vaticano
Capital city Vatican City
Surface 0.44 km²
Population 826
Road network length 0 km
Length of highway network 0 km
First highway N/A
Motorway name N/A
Traffic drives Right
License plate code V

Vatican City (Italian: Stato della Città del Vaticano) is the smallest country in the world, right in the center of Rome, Italy. The country has an area of ​​0.44 km² and has 826 permanent residents.

Vatican City is the headquarters of the Catholic world. The country is located in the center of the Italian capital Roma (Rome), about 600 meters from the River Tiber. Vatican City measures 1 kilometer from east to west and 800 meters from north to south. The country is guarded by the Swiss Guard. A large part of the surface is occupied by St. Peter’s Basilica and the square in front of it. The rest consists of outbuildings and a small park.

Road Network

There are some roads in Vatican City, but they are not open to the public. Most of the roads are parking lots for employees in Vatican City. In principle, you can walk through the entire country in 15 minutes.

There is a private station in Vatican City, with a railway that runs partly underground. There is no public transport. Tourists to and from the Vatican City use the Roman metro line A which has two stations within walking distance of the Vatican City or one of the many buses that connect the neighborhoods around the country.

Motorized traffic with appropriate authorization can enter the Vatican City at the Porta del Perugino on the south side or the Porta di Sant’Anna on the northeast side.


There is basically no signage in Vatican City, and what it says is for pedestrians, or signs on the border with Italy.


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