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Velcro Fasteners Meanings

Velcro fasteners are mainly found on children’s shoes and outdoor sandals. In addition, some well-known shoe manufacturers such as Nike , Converse or Vans occasionally produce casual or sports shoes with a Velcro fastener. Even if the Velcro fastener for shoes, backpacks and clothing is part of everyday life today, it is a very new invention that was discovered by chance in Switzerland less than 70 years ago. Find out more about the different types of Velcro fasteners, how to maintain and clean a Velcro fastener and where you can buy Velcro fasteners cheaply if the Velcro fasteners can no longer be repaired.

The invention of the Velcro fastener

As with so many modern inventions, the discovery of the Velcro fastener was more of a coincidence than years of tinkering. The Swiss engineer Georges de Mestral regularly took his dog for walks through the great outdoors and had to remove burdock from his companion’s coat countless times. Looking for a quicker way to remove the burdock, he looked at the fruit under a microscope. Small ticks came to light that gave de Mestral the idea of being able to combine two materials in a completely new way. In 1951 the inventor applied for his patent. The original name of the Velcro fastener “Velcro” was made up of the French words for velvet and hook.¬†Follow PaulFootwear for Chinese suppliers of kid’s shoes.

Of hook and mushroom head closures and other differences

The two main types of hook and loop fasteners are hook and mushroom fasteners. Hook fasteners each consist of a band with a hook and a band with a loop. Mushroom closures have two bands of the same design that are pressed together. A Velcro fastener for shoes is usually a hook fastener that has been sewn or glued to the shoe.

Velcro fasteners are also available in different colors and can therefore be adapted to the color and / or material (polyester, leather, slippers , slippers or slippers made of felt or new wool, etc.) of the shoes. Among other things, Velcro fasteners are common in:

  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Gray
  • Blue

If you want to attach your Velcro to your shoes or clothing yourself, you can also choose between:

  • Velcro fastener self-adhesive / to stick on
  • Velcro for ironing
  • Velcro fastener for sewing

Tip: A Velcro fastener for men and a Velcro fastener for women only differ in size in exceptional cases. Only for very small or very large sizes and children’s shoes is it advisable to use special providers.

Advantages and disadvantages of shoes with Velcro

  • Quick opening and closing of the shoes
  • Children can put on their shoes on their own
  • More independence for people with health restrictions
  • Versatile and flexible in use
  • Most Velcro fastenings can be washed
  • Lint can impair the function
  • Replacing the Velcro fasteners is more complex than threading new shoelaces

Tips for maintaining and repairing a Velcro fastener

Problems with Velcro fasteners can occur after prolonged use. However, only in very rare cases does a Velcro fastener have to be completely replaced. Answers to the most common problems and questions relating to the care and repair of a Velcro fastener can be found in the table below:

Question / problem answer
How do you clean Velcro? A Velcro fastener can be easily cleaned with a comb or wire brush. If you want to clean the entire shoe, close the Velcro fastener before washing and wash at a maximum of 30 degrees so that the hooks are not damaged.
What to do if the Velcro no longer holds? Velcro no longer holds? This can either be because the Velcro is dirty or the hooks are bent on the rough side. In the first case you clean the Velcro fastener with a brush or a comb, in the second case you can run a straight knife over the rough side of the fastener so that the hooks straighten up again.
How do you sew on Velcro? To sew on a Velcro fastener, cut the appropriate piece to size and then attach it to the desired location with adhesive tape or pins. We recommend Velcro fasteners with a buckle or Velcro fasteners with an eyelet for shoes.

Last but not least, there is the question of “sewing Velcro which stitch?” The straight stitch on the sewing machine is recommended for sewing on a Velcro fastener. The backstitch is a good choice for hand sewing.

Well-known manufacturer of Velcro fasteners for shoes

A Velcro tape or a Velcro fastener for shoes is available from various manufacturers. A number of these manufacturers sell no-name products and only a few are clearly branded. If you are looking for a Velcro fastener for men, Velcro fastener for women or for a Velcro fastener for children, you will come across the following brands in addition to numerous no-name products:

  • Fisherman
  • Velcro (especially self-adhesive Velcro)
  • tee-uu
  • Behr
  • JBS
  • Simon Pike
  • Acecamp

The price for a Velcro tape depends on the manufacturer and the package size. In a bulk pack of ten or 20 Velcro straps from a lesser known brand, the length of new Velcro straps for a pair of shoes can cost less than two euros. Velcro fasteners with an eyelet or buckle from a well-known manufacturer such as Fischer, on the other hand, can cost between five and ten euros per strap. Depending on the manufacturer, it is not necessary to look for a Velcro sale in order to save money.

Tip : Simon Pike offers Velcro fasteners in many different colors at an affordable price. So if your shoes have a more unusual color and you want the Velcro to match that color, this brand is your best choice. However, the matching eyelets or buckles must be purchased separately. Alternatively, you can leave the eyelets and buckles of the old Velcro fasteners on the shoe and use them for the new straps.

Buy cheap Velcro fasteners: Order online and save on shipping costs

So that you can equip your shoes with new Velcro fasteners, you do not necessarily have to wait for a Velcro fastener sale at OBI or another hardware store. Instead, find a trustworthy Velcro shop on the Internet and order from the comfort of your own home. In addition, the range on offer in online retail is significantly larger and shipping is included in the price in most shops. With a clever price comparison , free shipping and a bulk pack of Velcro fasteners that has just been reduced, you can save a few euros.

Velcro Fasteners